Black Lives Matter

Like many of you, we are experiencing immense anger and sadness for the suffering of Black people due to the systemic, institutional racism that continues to occur in our country. We condemn the racist policies, systemic racism and police brutality that led to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and countless others. We stand in solidarity with those who are protesting and those… Read More

Gap Year Advantages and Disadvantages

Thinking about taking a gap year after high school?  Or maybe you’ve started college and are wondering if participating in a college gap year program abroad is still something you want to do?  Perhaps you’re weighing your options between a gap travel program, gap year volunteering, gap semester programs or another experience, like study abroad? You’re not alone!  We meet students all the time who are interested in gap year… Read More

My Gap Year: 3 Students Share Their Gap Year Insights

Deciding to take a gap year after high school or during college is a big decision! That’s why we asked some of our gap semester program and Latitudes year alumni to share their experiences with you.    Introducing…Alex, Emily, and Patrick!    CDE: Hi, everyone! Let’s start with an easy question. In which gap program did you participate? Alex: Latitudes Year: South Pacific group semester, and FVP in San… Read More

Maya is together at LAX!

Dear Maya family and friends, We wanted to update you and let you know that the Fall 2019 Central America group has arrived and united at LAX. The group will go through security and then dive into a few introduction and orientation activities led by their Overseas Educators, Rachael and Matt. The group will then embark on their flight to Guatemala and we will update you once they have arrived… Read More

The Fall 2019 South America group is all together in Miami!

The SAM group is all together for the first time! They’ve all arrived safely to Miami, checked in for their flight to Ecuador and are getting ready to head through security. They are enjoying getting to know one another and are looking forward to the semester ahead. We wish them safe and easy travels tonight and will post another blog here once we receive word that they have arrived in… Read More