Experiencing South Africa

Written By Latrell, Latitudes ’19 South Africa For the past month and a half Josh and I have been immersed into the South African culture. Our Journey began in Johannesburg by exploring many of the museums and learning about the rich history of this storied country. We visited Constitution Hill, where Nelson Mandela and many of the main people who tore down the apartheid system were arrested. If I had… Read More

My Life in Peru

Written By Leighton, Latitudes ’19 Peru Hello parents, fellow students, prospective students, and whoever else may have stumbled upon this blog! For the past five weeks, I have been living in the small tourist town of Ollantaytambo, Peru. I’m working for an NGO in town that partners with women in local indigenous villages to empower them and connect them to the world market. On a typical work day, I walk… Read More

Latitudes In Northern Thailand

Written By Duncan, Latitudes ’19 Thailand Adjustment is an understatement when it comes to my life here. Coming from the city of Charlotte, NC and diving right into farming in rural Thailand, I had to deal with the culture-shock and the solitude, all while maintaining a strong work ethic. I’m not gonna lie, it took some time for me to get settled, but once I finally found my place here… Read More

Marine Conservation Koh Tao

Written By Katie, Latitudes ’19 Thailand When I first arrived on Koh Tao I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The water was a beautiful light blue, I couldn’t believe I would be spending the next 3 months here. For the first week I got my diving courses done, going to a max of 30 meters and looking at the giant old war ship they have, and even getting to… Read More

Life in Guatemala, Working For La Choza Chula

Written By Jacob, Latitudes ’19 Guatemala Hola and buenos dias amigos! Jacob here checking in from El Paredon, Escuintla, Guatemala. For my latitudes semester I’m working with an amazing NGO (an org that doesn’t make any money itself but reinvests all its profits into the community) called La Choza Chula or “The cool hut.” In the past 5 years the organization has built a library, computer lab, organic garden, and… Read More

Life On Koh Tao In Thailand

Written By Sailor, Latitudes ’19 Thailand A life on Koh Tao, where do I start. Well to start off my journey I will take you to week one, arriving on the small little island of Koh Tao the name meaning ‘Turtle Island’, and living up to its name this island seemed magical from my very first steps on it. The very first week Katie, Rachel and I settled into the… Read More

The Ups and Downs of India

By Charlotte Clarke and Paige Buchanan Everyone’s been sick and visited the hospital except for Rebecca in the past 10 days; talk about a wild ride! Everything started off in Varanasi: cow poop in the streets and poop problems in the sheets. And then, the first case of Dengue. Kelly was out for the count, the mosquitos had got to her. Yet, we traveled on. What was supposed to be… Read More

Marley Suarez: From Carpe Student to Ohana Amani Intern

We checked in with alumna Marley Suarez, who took a gap semester on Carpe Diem’s East Africa program in Spring 2015. Learn where life has taken her post-Carpe Diem! What have you been doing since your Carpe Diem experience? Since finishing my Carpe Diem semester in 2015, I have continued to follow my wandering heart. Balancing a life of traveling—mostly back to East Africa with a stint around Southeast Asia—and… Read More

Final Blog

By Overseas Educators Kelsi & Amanda As seems to happen with these beautiful journeys, while we were in the middle of our days together, time seemed to move slowly and fully, and now that we’re at the end, it’s seemed to have whizzed by. Parting each other has been difficult. The last few days post-trek we spent in historic Bhaktapur, with the exception of a pilgrimage to Namobuddha on the… Read More

LOL (Lots of Leeches)

By Emma & Ava Early in the morning, we took a seven-hour bus ride from Boudha to Pokhara to get to the 3 Sisters Trekking Company guesthouse. 3 Sisters is an all female-run trekking company that empowers young women and works hard to make trekking significantly safer for women travelers. On our first night, we were welcomed with lots of food (dal bhat, obviously), fun, and laughter while we got… Read More

Love: A Wish for Someone to Be Happy

Tristan’s right shoe was never found. It’ll be forever missing in the rice paddies of Kopan. Sophia’s left shoe began to cause her food to bleed. It worked out that the lonely shoe was put to use: Sophia wearing Tristan’s left shoe and her right shoe. It matched her shirt, and she looked astonishing. We wrapped up our time in Kopan by making our rounds and saying goodbye to all… Read More

Our FIRST Blog ;)

Howdy Folks! Tara here (Sophia & Sophia) the power couple and some of the two most valuable members of Tara ;P and we’re here to INFORM you about what is UP! We are dropping some major knowledge/deets here so get hyped up folks!! (Sophia wrote all of this, not Sophia) We met up in Kathmandu and boy was it crazzaaayy!! The group LOVES each other. We have formed unbreakable bonds… Read More

What I Learned From Traveling with Your Students

By Executive Director, Jenny Huq To the Parents of the Nkula Spring 2018 Students, I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of you before your students departed for East Africa three months ago. Most of you I do not know directly; although, I feel a connection to all of you because I had the incredible opportunity to spend three weeks in Tanzania with your students. I joined Carpe… Read More

Learning Much More Than I Taught

By Hadley Olivia, Latitudes ’18 Uganda When I found out that I would be spending three months in southern Uganda teaching at a special needs school, I was equal parts excited and terrified. I had the opportunity to visit my placement during my East Africa group semester, so I had a vague idea of what I was getting myself into… but in the end, I truly had no idea what… Read More

How to Walk a Jaguar

By Finn, Latitudes ’18 Bolivia I’ve spent the past three months in the middle of the Amazon working with—and walking—Bolivia’s rescued wildlife and jungle cats. Only seven hours from the closest big city, Parque Ambue Ari is found in the depths of the wild. Given its remoteness, the park comes with all the fine amenities you’d expect: little to no electricity or cell service, the coldest showers you’ll ever take,… Read More

Swimming In Stars

At 1:30 am Rachana shook me awake. In the dark, my head still thick with sleep, I assumed it was one of my roommates waking me for my 6 am dolphin survey. This was not the case, I quickly realized, checking my watch and recognizing the culprit responsible for disturbing my sleep. “Come on! I have something to show you!” Now, I am not a person who likes to be… Read More