One does not simply walk into the DRC

L’Esperance, the hilltop orphanage in Rwanda across an expansive lake from dual Congolese volcanoes. We began our week of forestry, frolicking with children, and painting with the not-so steady boat ride into the beachfront property of the L’esperance Orphanage. After the 45 minute walk up to the colorful orphanage we arrived to find something of a paradise. Victor, the Guatemalan director of L’Esperance opened his home to us and among… Read More

Scavenger Hunt

I’m in an internet cafe with Sarah and I’m not sure how we even found this place. We’re on a scavenger hunt and I think it’s going well considering we can’t speak Swahili at all. Of course the day they send us out by ourselves there is a giant soccer game, the streets are packed with sports fanatics and things are getting crazy. I think I know how to get… Read More