The Magic of the Outback (and Rocks)

These Rocks Rock! During our time that we traveled in the outback we visited three big rocks… to sum it up. Our fiery tour guide, Gus, who has great music taste, made our experience one we’ll never forget. Let’s rock. On November 13th our first rock to conquer was King’s Canyon. The first piece of the hike was around 500 steps built by a farmer who previously owned the land.… Read More

Onward to Australia and CVA!

G’day from the Koro Crew! To introduce ourselves to our new home for the month, Australia, we explored and worked in endangered habitats with the wonderful people at Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) in Newcastle. Our job for the week was to remove mangrove plants and seeds for the purpose of increasing the size of the salt marshes on Ash Island to make more room for migratory and native birds to… Read More

Hongi Arrives in Cairns!

Dear Friends and Family of the Hongi Crew: We happily report that we’ve received word from the Hongi group. They have landed safely in Cairns, and are loading up the van to make the trip to She Oak Ridge. We’ll get a picture posted once they all settle in! All the best!… Read More

Nkula Arrival to Entebbe

Greetings, Families and Friends of the Spring 2018 Nkula group:The Nkula group had a night in Dubai, had a successful rendezvous with Tosca, and are now safe and sound in Entebbe, Uganda. They will now start Orientation, getting to know each other, setting intentions, and learning about safe and mindful travel.Nkula: everyone at home wishes you the very best! We hope that your journey is amazing and full of… Read More

Hongi Group Safe Arrival in Christchurch

Greetings, Family and Friends of the Spring 2018 Hongi Crew:The group has landed safely in Christchurch!They are now exploring the city; setting intentions for the next 3 months; and creating a positive and intentional group dynamic during their Orientation in Christchurch. The adventure has begun!Hongi: Everyone at home wishes you the most incredible of journeys, and look forward to hearing of your successes, challenges, and vast array… Read More

Team Nkula Together in San Francisco

Greetings, Family and Friends of the Carpe Diem Spring 2018 Nkula group:We are happy to inform you that the Nkula group (minus Tosca, who will meet the group in Dubai….we can't wait, Tosca!) is united and already beginning to get to know one another at the San Franciscio airport. They have quite a journey ahead of them, with a 15 hour flight, an overnight in Dubai, and a morning… Read More

Hongi Group Together at Last!

Dear Families and Friends of the Spring 2018 Hongi Crew:We are happy to report that the Hongi group is safe and sound in L.A., and will now begin the 3 month journey together. The group has only an hour before beginning the LONG flight over the Pacific Ocean, losing a day in the process, yet gaining ground on what will undoubtedly prove an enriching semester. We will post another blog… Read More

Meditation, Sustainability, and Wallabies

Our latest weekly update covers three separate locations throughout Australia that we’ve visited. The period that this blog covers begins in Chenrezig, the Buddhist retreat that we spent 6 days visiting. Our second to last day was spent in complete silence, a practice that is very common amongst buddhist monks. starting in the morning just after breakfast, we were instructed to say nothing out loud, to others or to yourself,… Read More

And Further Reflections on Fiji :-)

Throughout this entire trip, we have met some incredible people – people that we will be lifelong friends with and stay in contact with forever, and people that have taught us so much about different cultures and ourselves. But in Fiji, we became family with an entire village.Back home, you can knock on your neighbor’s door and ask for sugar. Most likely, they would give it to you, and… Read More

Safari in Ruaha

A safari through picturesque bush lands was the only way to end our time on mainland Tanzania. Ruaha National Park is a collection of conversations covering 40,000 square kilometers. It is home to largest game population in Tanzania. It hosts large herds of antelope, kudus, grants gazelles, and ostriches. The wildlife was almost as enchanting as a Planet Earth documentary. It started with the sight of the first giraffe head protruding… Read More

Further Reflections on Fiji

When we were on our way to Fiji, I didn’t know exactly what our stay would be like. Really, the biggest thing I knew about Fiji was that they had tasty bottled water, which is like their standard bottled water here. I knew that it was tropical, and that it had sunny weather and rainforests, but that was about it. I wanted to know what Fiji was really about. What… Read More

Waaay Outback

A big hello to everyone following the HONGI 2017 squad! Elliot and Sophie here. We have been beyond busy in the Australian Outback this past week swimming in breathtaking water holes, riding camels, and waking up at 4am to start hiking because the weather got up to 100+ degrees in the afternoons (or 40+ for the Canadians out there). We were welcomed in Alice springs by our incredible tour guide Lindz. Not… Read More

Scuba on the Great Barrier Reef

I, along with many of my other peers, am now scuba certified! It was a four day process to get our certifications. One day was spent in the classroom watching videos and taking tests, the second in an enclosed pool to practice the skills that we were learning, and the third and fourth in the Great Barrier Reef! Beginning to learn and practice our skills in the pool was incredible.… Read More

The Walkabout Trail

We have spent our last few days at Sheoak Ridge. This is a beautiful reserve owned by a couple named Marcus and Claire. Both are biologists and spend their time working various jobs, gardening, rehabilitating wallabies, and taking care of their large property in the Daintree Rainforest. This Property has many kinds of ecosystems. It is a lot of work to keep this land in shape. So they put us to… Read More

Chenrezig Love

Last week, we got to experience life from a Buddhist perspective. Our group stayed at Chenrezig Institute, a center for Buddhist learning. We were hosted by a wonderful nun who oozed kindness and happiness at all times. Her name that she was given when she got ordained was Venerable Tsultrim, which means ethical rule. She aspired to live up to her name – and from the little that we saw of… Read More

Nkula Arrives in Entebbe

Dear Friends and FamilyIt is with a smiling heart that I say "Nkula has arrived!". The group is safe and sound in Entebbe, road weary from an incredibly long flight, yet so excited at the adventures that lie ahead!We hope that their travels are filled with the magic, kindness, and beauty!Nkula crew: The blog is now yours!Best wishes,James… Read More

Walkabout Lands in New Zealand!

Dear Friends and FamiliesThe Walkabout crew is safe on the ground in New Zealand. They will move on to orientation over the next few days, exploring the lovely and relaxed surf town of Raglan. We are so excited for this crew, and hopeful that their travels will be filled with fun, adventure, laughter, and love.Walkabout Crew: The blog is now yours!Best Wishes,James… Read More

Hongi Arrives in New Zealand

Dear Friends and FamiliesThe Hongi crew is safe on the ground in New Zealand. They will move on to orientation over the next few days, exploring the lovely city of Christchurch. We are so excited for this crew, and hopeful that their travels will be filled with fun, adventure, laughter, and love.Hongi Crew: The blog is now yours!Best Wishes,James… Read More