What Service Means to Me

Truth be told, over the course of my Group Semester I had doubts about my future in volunteering. I struggled with what being a volunteer meant to me, and what kind of imprint I wanted to leave in the minds of others. I spent last semester in East Africa, specifically Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, and unfortunately, I found myself uncomfortable with my position as a foreigner in Africa. I grew… Read More

Stonetown Magic

The thing about Stonetown, Is you don’t realize you could know new flavors until you get here. Being here is like the sudden discovery of a new color; you think you already know every color you could see, it’s unimaginable to think about one day encountering a rainbow of all strange colors. Then you’re in Zanzibar: a place where your every sense is bombarded with strange and exotic sights, sounds,… Read More

Ruaha Safari and Reflections

There has been no experience in my life that even remotely compares to our safari in Ruaha National Park. From each moment to the next, I only wished for my eyes to see more of the mind blowing beauty that surrounded us. Tall grass stretched to meet the bumpy purple hills in the distance. The savannah was dotted with tangles of thorny brush, clustered around the thick trunks of baobab… Read More

First Week

Hujambo! We are currently on a scavenger hunt exploring the town of Morogoro in Tanzania! Yesterday we went on a walk/hike to a waterfall where we cooled off with some local boy and girl scouts. no matter where you are in the world, kids love play and will do anything to find a way to have fun and just chill with each other. For dinner we had ugali – a… Read More