Sabai has arrived

Greetings friends and family The Sabai group landed safely in Chiang Mai, Thailand on September 13th. The group had a short layover in Hong Kong, and have arrived happy and a bit tired. The group will now make their way to the East side of Chiang Mai city to their orientation accommodation. After some food and a nap, the group will begin their Orientation. Once complete, the Sabai crew will… Read More

Salaam has arrived!

Greetings friends and family The Salaam group landed safely in Malaga, Spain on September 12th. The crew was in good spirits and made their way to a hotel in Malaga for their first day. They will begin their Orientation soon (probably after a nap and some food) and will begin to get oriented to their new surroundings. Here’s to a great beginning Salaam!… Read More

Walkabout is together at the airport!

Greetings, Family and Friends of the Carpe Diem Fall 2019 Walkabout group: We are happy to inform you that the Walkabout group is united and already beginning to get to know one another at the SFO international airport. The group will be meeting one student in New Zealand! They have quite a journey ahead of them, with an overnight flight to Auckland, New Zealand, however, they seem to be a… Read More

Latitudes Spring 19 is under way!

Greetings Latitudes families and friends, We have had an exciting couple of weeks with our 2019 Carpe Diem Latitudes cohort! Last week, all 27 students came out to Camp Angelos in the Portland, OR area to participate in a 3 day orientation. It served as a refresher for a lot of the topics our students covered during their group semesters in the fall, while also going over situations and scenarios… Read More