Greg and Rachel Hart’s Permaculture Farm

By Park & Rachel Our group spent the last week living and breathing the lifestyle of Greg and Rachel Hart’s permaculture farm. We spent some early mornings doing daily farm chores that ranged from bottle feeding lambs to dodging bouts of excrement the cows habitually released whilst we milked them, standing as perfect targets, in a ditch directly below the danger zone. We can all agree it was worth it… Read More

Reflections on The Sweat Lodge Experience

By Wordmasters Daisy and Luke A sweat lodge is a hut, typically dome-shaped and made with natural materials, used by indigenous peoples for ritual steam baths as a means of purification. The sweat is intended as a religious ceremony—it is for prayer and healing, and the ceremony is only to be led by elders who know the associated language, songs, traditions, and safety protocols. “The inside of a tea kettle. Read More


By Veda and Adam After adopting Bula into our everyday vernacular, it became easier to add other Fijian words as well. One of our of guides, a Fiji native named Villi, gave us a crash course on many other everyday words and phrases. We did this before we left for our Fijian homestay, so when we did arrive in the village, we would be comfortable and confident in our use… Read More


By Adam & Veda What’s one word that will make everyone smile, enable conversation with strangers, and light up any face? Here in Fiji today, we found just the right word…Bula. It means Hello by translation but carries much more than a greeting. It’s a way to instantly connect with anyone. It’s greatest use is to open the door, inviting conversation and questions. Thinking about our own culture back home,… Read More

BULA! Koro Is Welcomed to Fiji

By Program Director James Simmons Dear Friends and Family of the Carpe Diem Koro Group: We are happy to inform you that the Koro group has landed safely in Fiji, just in time to witness a beautiful sunrise as they load up the van and transfer to Tubakula. Once there, they will engage in four days of Orientation activities as a means to get to know one another, set intentions… Read More

Bula! Kia ora! G’day!

By Overseas Educators Mandy & Adam Bula! Kia ora! G’day! As we come into our final days of preparation, with our bags packed, our goodbyes said, and our visas secured, we are reminded of the quote from C.S. Lewis (maybe) that states, “only those who risk going too far, will find out how far one can possibly go.” These coming months are sure to test us as we enter wholeheartedly… Read More