Reflections From The OEs

Written By Adam & Mara Wow! We cannot believe the end of the semester has already arrived. It feels like we were all just meeting in the Newark airport and trying to awkwardly learn names behind masks. Seemingly overnight in Crete, the group formed deep friendships and became a family. Their connection and care for each other created an incredible foundation throughout the semester. Despite long travel days, rainy hikes,… Read More

Buongiorno from Matera!

Written By David & Kai Buongiorno from Matera! This is David and Kai, this week’s leaders. On Wednesday, we finished up our stint in Abruzzo with a 7-hour hike that brought us up to 2,000 meters above sea level. At first, our views were obscured by omnipresent mist and fog; however, upon reaching the summit, we were awed by the majestic mountain view that appeared as the wind serendipitously cleared… Read More

Trekking Photo Blog!

Wednesday: Orti Dipinti and Treedom Visit Thursday: Vineyard Tour and Exploring Florence Friday: Our Last Day at Orti Dipinti and Uffizi Gallery Saturday: Traveling to Abruzzo  MONDAY: Day Hike Tuesday: Transfer from Pescasseroli to Civitella Alfedena and Visit to the Wolf Museum “Why are they playing on that? This is for children” – Andrea Wednesday: Day Hike to Viewpoint of Civitella AlfedenaRead More

Mondeggi Bene Commune

Written by Aidan & Mackenzie Greetings from Italy! When you left us, we were traveling to Mondeggi from our week in Bologna: this week, as you may expect, we are in Mondeggi. From the first, we were welcomed into the communal farm with open arms, surprisingly good English, and lots of cats. The next few days consisted mainly of getting to know the flow of Mondeggi. On Wednesday, we spent… Read More

Joy, Serenity, and Gratitude

Written By Clemmie & David Kalimera from this week’s group leaders, Clemmie and David! As we type this, we are on the train back from Re-Green and off to Athens, practically holding in our tears. Out the window, we can see mountains on one side and a glistening ocean on the other, with islands in the distance. This week has presented a threshold of emotions including: joy, serenity, and gratitude.… Read More

From Farm To City

Written By Alex & Aidan This week we continued working at Vasili’s wonderful farm, where we spent the next three days picking grapes and olives (used to make olive oil and wine), getting to know Vasili’s family in order to learn from their experience on the farm, and enjoying beautiful meals by Nikki, the wife of Vasili and co-manager of the farm. Clemmie even had her fortune told by Nikki… Read More

Updates From Crete!

Written By Chloe & Kai Hello from your group leaders for September 22nd through September 29th, Chloe and Kai! We kicked off this week with an incredible day trip to Chryssi Island. After frantically rushing to catch our boat ride, we enjoyed a sun-soaked voyage over unimaginably blue water to the island. The whole group was wowed by the white sand beaches and crystal-clear water, and some of us snorkeled… Read More

Yasas from Crete!

Yasas from Crete! After a long travel day, we arrived in the most idyllic village in the mountains of southern Crete. Once abandoned, a community of artists has restored and revitalized it. Our homes for these first two weeks are 200 year old mud houses, with plenty of charm and unbelievable views. The whole group has quickly jumped into learning Greek phrases and trying the local cuisine. Our main contact… Read More

Arrival in Crete

Hooray, the Meraki group has arrived safely in Crete. After a long day (and night!) of travel the are making their way to their accommodation where they’ll have some dinner and get some rest before they dive into their orientation tomorrow. They’ll post an update for them early next week to let us know how their first few days go. We look forward to following along on their journey!… Read More

Off to Greece!

We’re happy to report that the MERAKI students have all arrived safely to Newark and the group is getting ready for the flight to Greece! They are already enjoying getting to know one another and we are so excited to follow along on their journey these next few months. We’ll post another blog here tomorrow once we hear they have arrived safely in Greece. We wish them safe travels tonight… Read More

Hello Meraki Crew!

Hello Meraki Crew and all who will be following and supporting us on this journey! With the excitement of our semester just around the corner, we are so excited to be writing this first blog. Although the students will be the usual voice on the majority of the blogs throughout our adventure, you will be hearing from us periodically too. So, who are we? Enter Adam and Mara, the Carpe… Read More