Kifaru meets Kifaru

Due to lack of internet this blog is a few days overdue. I apologize for the delay but it’s Africa and really, what can you do in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary with no internet? Watch the rhinos. C’est la vie. Five weeks in Tanzania proved to be unforgettable and gave us all wonderful experiences. Though, after five weeks it was time for new adventures. So after a glorious reunion with Gwen… Read More

Scavenger Hunt

Today Chris M and I are on a scavenger hunt in Morogoro Tanzania. We were off to a bad start but through the kindness of locals we have managed to remedy our past mistakes. We bought what’s called a kanga (a wrap around skirt) in the local market. The city is different from anything back home. People are always moving around and the roads are very busy. Going through the… Read More