The Craziest Travel Experience I’ve Ever Had

Thursday October 22nd, 2015 4:15-5:30 AM. We woke up at Ohana Amani. Early. So early. There was a fifteen minute interval of people rolling around, groaning, and kicking each other up. It was pitch black, the only sounds audible were ones of animals in the forest. It was cold, too. Maybe 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We got our bags packed up and made our way from the campsite to the lodge,… Read More

Homestays & Swahili School

So a few days ago we left our homestays in Morogoro where we were learning Swahili. I stayed in a small house type place with Camila and Sam. Our host mother was a single woman named Joyce who taught English at the secondary school. She was so kind to us and made us our meals, got water ready for bucket baths, and helped Camila when she wasn’t feeling well. The… Read More