Aventuras en Permacultura

Written By Maddi & Ethan Hola from Maddi and Ethan! We’re writing to you from the oceanside of Golfito, excited to tell you all about our time with Javier and Raquel in Mastatal! On Saturday we arrived at Villas Mastatal and moved into our rooms. The girls were in a dormitory overlooking the rainforest and the boys in a bedroom directly below. After we got settled and ate some lunch… Read More

¡Bienvenidos a Turrialba!

We’ve traded the rainforest landscapes of Chilamate for some small-city life here in the heart of Costa Rica’s Central valley in the Cartago province south of San Jose. There’s lots to love about this region, with lush waterfalls, rivers, and wildlife (including our first sloth spotting!) — as well as the second largest volcano in the country that looms over the landscape. But it is the chance to dive into… Read More

1st Days in Chilamate

Written By Emma Emma here! We have safely landed and have been spending our first four days in Chilamate at the amazing Chilamate Ecolodge. On day one, we flew in to San José around 11am Mountain Time. We drove for one hour through the beautiful Costa Rican landscape, with cliffs of green, and lush mountains intertwined with clouds. We stopped at a remote local comedor where we started our journey… Read More

All together!

Our QUETZAL group is all together! Everyone has arrived safely at the Hilton Newark Airport Hotel and they are settling in, starting to get to know one another, and eagerly anticipating their departure to Costa Rica tomorrow morning. We’ll post another blog here tomorrow afternoon once we’ve heard that they’ve arrived safely in Costa Rica. Let the journey begin!… Read More

Hola Grupo Quetzal!

Hola Grupo Quetzal & friends & family! This is your Overseas Educators, Rachael & Ryan, writing from Portland, OR where we are in the midst of training. We started out camping with the other OE’s and HQ staff at the gorgeous Trillium Lake under Mt. Hood where we spent a lively and lovely couple days getting to know each other, learning about Carpe Diem stuff, swimming in the lake, and… Read More

Thank You For the Memories

By Anya and Doug Hola Jimmy, Katie, Bradley, Jillian, Jake, Toe, PJ, Cate, Juancho, Anna, Dylan, Ellie and Maggie!! Well, here we are, lying in hammocks overlooking Taganga bay in Colombia thinking back on our wildly successful three-month adventure. We are overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude as we think about our group and all of the fun times we shared this semester. You all each brought so much… Read More

Final Week!

By Jimmy and Jake Hello to every one of our blog readers, it’s Jimmy and Jake blogging here and we would like to inform y’all about all the fantastic activities and other experiences we had during the past week. Our journey during the past week started in the large and historic capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City. We entered by microbus coming from our fulfilling week at El Paredon, but we,… Read More

Surf, Sea and Social Enterprise

Last Wednesday we left Antigua. After a short two-hour van ride we arrived in the tranquil beach town of El Paredon. Our week in El Paredon was organized by a social enterprise called La Choza Chula. La Choza Chula is helping El Paredon through a recent increase in tourism. They are providing knowledge and help with sustainable ways of education, enterprise, and environmental protection. We stayed in an awesome hostel… Read More

Escuela de la Montaña Adventure: Part II

By Jon Hey, Jon here covering part two of our “Escuela de la Montaña” adventure. Big thanks to Dylan for part one. Give the man a Pulitzer, 10/10 writing. Anyways, let’s hop right into Thursday, November 9th, 2017. As it’s been explained, we had been split up into afternoon and morning classes. Now, there were two planned times for groups to go the local Mayan SHAMAN at a town called… Read More

Escuela de la Montaña Adventure: Part I

By Dylan Crovo Sunday morning was spent in Xela (pronounced shay-la); like any other morning spent at 8,000 feet in Guatemala, the day broke shockingly cold. Shivering despite my poncho, an impulse purchase made at one point or another by every member of the group, I arrived at Xela’s central park. In the mere 10 minutes it took for the rest of the group to arrive at the park, looking… Read More

¡Bienvenidos a Guatemala!

By Jake Anquillare and Anna Parker ¡Hola! Es Jake y Anna aqui estamos veniendo de Xela, Guatemala ahora. Pero antes de nuestro viaje nosotros tuvemos un noche al hostel de Costa Rica. For all you amateurs out there we will break it down for you. Early Thursday morning we caught a ferry from the Nicoyan peninsula to Puntarenas and began yet another travel day. When we got off the ferry… Read More

Costa Rica Exploration: A Photo Story

By Anna, Bradley, Doug, and Anya Anya babysitting on a bus. Bradley in his happy place. Cate and Jimmy birdwatching. Cocos! Costa Rica cooking class. Costa Rican sunset. Quetzal dance class! Dylan and Jillian. Ellie, Maggie, and Cate. Cate, Maggie, Anna, Anya, Ellie, Katie, and Jimmy enjoying la playa. Gallina wranglin’. Jake and Cate. Jimmy getting in on the fun. Juan milking a cow! Cate and PJ. Katie and Anna Read More

Our Homestay at a Cattle Ranch

By Bradley Sabbar and Jimmy Toole After five days at Cirenas, we said goodbye to our gracious hosts and embarked on a two-hour trek up the beach to arrive at our next homestays. The route was treacherous, with many obstacles such as rivers and jagged rocks. Alas, we finally arrived at the homestay pick-up point. The group then split up into four separate homestays. All of the boys (minus Jake)… Read More

Fun, Hard Work, and Pristine Sunsets

By Cate and Katie Finally, after a week of no internet/procrastination, coming at ya: it’s your two PNW chicas, Kate squared! (Cate and Katie) Two Sundays ago, our group went to Laguna de Apollo and had a blast! We had a group talent show, a delicious lunch, great music, and lots of swimming/kayaking. Monday and Tuesday we had our last Spanish classes and some heart-wrenching goodbyes to our amazing host… Read More

From Bona Fide to La Concha

By Ellie and PJ Photos courtest of Anna Parker Greetings. This is your latest correspondence from ya girl Ellie and PJ, aka El Jefe. Our week began this past Sunday with a summit up the nearby volcano Maderas. While it is the shorter volcano on Ometepe Island, the hike proved to be no easy feat. Katie and Anna were both not feeling too great health-wise, so, unfortunately, by the time… Read More

From Primary to Secondary Forest: A Harrowing Tale

By Dillan Crovo On Wednesday, we finished up the bathroom construction in the morning. After lunch, I took a short, but much needed, nap. The group broke roughly in half; some chose to make soup, either driven by an enthusiastic appreciation for the culinary arts and how it pertains to soups and broths or perhaps more likely deterred by the looming storm clouds and the promise of rain. Others—spurred on… Read More

Volunteering at the Peñas Blancas Co-Op

By Jon Frey We arrived at the cooperative in Peñas Blancas on Sunday, unpacked, and immediately dove into meetings, and then painting murals. Our new member, Jake, joined us during the meeting of the community and he was instantly part of the family. These murals, once finished, were to go to families in the community to signify that those families are open to house tourists in homestays. At the “art… Read More