Ometepe Rising

After an epic (and highly successful!) travel day we arrived on the island of Ometepe, which will be our home for the next two weeks. Sunday morning started early when we met at the bus terminal in Matagalpa and, under the direction of our student travel leader, we purchased tickets to Managua and piled onto the bus, while our packs were secured to the roof of the repurposed yellow school… Read More

Move to Mariposa

We have finished orientation (wow, that was fast) and the group really seems to like one another. Here are some snapshots of the highlights from our orientation: walking to a lake on the edge of town at sunset for the culmination of our first day; dance-bathing in the rain as an afternoon shower moved through town; exploring our new surroundings during a scavenger hunt; and having ample opportunity to connect… Read More

Program Countdown-1st Blog

Here we come Central America!!! We are so excited to finally meet as a whole group and adventure southward. With just a few days left until you leave remember to: 1) breathe 2) take time to yourself and envision what you hope to gain from your semester and, most importantly 3) enjoy some good ice cream or sweet treats to reward yourself for choosing to challenge yourself and grow during… Read More

Kevin and Ashley go to Portlandia!

It’s trip prep time here at Carpe Diem! After a few days spent camping and bonding outside the city, nestled among the trees enjoying the crisp Autumn air, we are back in the glorious city of Portland! Today we got the chance to have some urban adventures together and continue to get to know each other and learn how totally cool we each are. Ashley grew up in the suburbs… Read More