Sawatdii kha from Mae Rim!

Sawatdii kha! After one week of Thai lessons, we can hold a simple conversation, but everything starts with this greeting. Combined with a “wai,” a short bow with your hands in a prayer position, when you are greeting someone older than yourself, “sawatdii kha” (or “sawatdii khrop,” if you identify as male) is the proper “hello” here in Thailand! What a week we have had! It started last Tuesday, when… Read More

Sabai Scavenger Hunt Check-ins

Hello from Thailand, Audrey, Joe, and Paulina here, It has been an amazing four days or orientation, eating some amazing food, learning everything we will need to know for how to be travelers instead of tourists. Tomorrow we head out to our homestays, and we are really looking forward to that. Thailand is full of good vibes, and even better food!!These past few days have been a blast! Besides… Read More

Sabai Final Blog

Written By Cari & Brian Sabai Spring Spring 2019 has bid farewell to Southeast Asia. We have had such a journey, it is hard to summarize in a short blog post. Over the past three months, we have been privileged to experience three very distinct and different cultures and countries in Southeast Asia spending the most time in Thailand. In Thailand, we lived with local host families, learned to speak… Read More

Tan Tau University Exchange

Written By Peter A 10 hour by-sleeper-bus journey later and we were in Vietnam, the red banner waving over our small group as we passed through the Cambodia-Vietnam Border. Within only a few minutes it really sank in that we were in a totally different country; the yellow star, hammer and sickle, and a myriad of brightly-colored propaganda posters no doubt boasting the strength of the Vietnamese military and proletariat… Read More

Reflection Retreat

Written By Jess Hello again! For the last 5 days, Sabai Spring 2019 took a break from all the cities we’ve been staying in attend a yoga retreat near the beach town of Kep! We yoga-ed (and much more) with Sarah and her husband, Larry, at the Yoga Barn (yes there was a barn plus two sheep and chickens) as their first ever retreat group. At first our group was… Read More

Learning About Permaculture

Written By Eva Hey y’all! It’s Eva, coming to you from Chiang Rai, Thailand. We spent the last 10 days at a Permaculture farm, learning about sustainability and the many different uses of bamboo. Personally, I learned a lot more than that. Seeing how our lovely host, Sandot and his family, lives their life was a one of a kind experience. I learned about myself and how to do the… Read More

Homestays Outside Chiang Mai

Written By Charlie & Annie Swaadii Ka/ Khrap! Hello families, this is Charlie and Annie coming at you with the second blog of the semester! Here’s a quick recap of the homestays outside of Chiang Mai: Monday the 18th, we got picked up at the hostel in Chiang Mai and drove about 40 mins to the Banrai Thai Gnarm Eco Lodge. When we got there, we unloaded our stuff and… Read More

Scavenger Hunt: Peter

I don’t even know where to start for this one; of the places that i’ve visited, Thailand is one of the brighter ones. Not just in that it’s actually impossibly hot all the time, but also that it’s culture is a vibrant one! The food is absolutely amazing and from what i’ve seen the country is a rich one with complex history and politics and an even more interwoven society… Read More

Scavenger Hunt: Jess

Hello, This is Jess Han (hailing from California and Boston). We’ve just arrive in Thailand and the days are already getting hotter. However, the food is delicious and so incredibly cheap (less than $3 per dish). We’ve just finished orientation and learned some basic do’s and dont’s for traveling, interacting with locals, and taking care of our health. It’s surprising how many tourists there are in the area! But what’s… Read More