Final Blog

    Written By Rebecca & Adam Ahh! The time has come to say our final goodbyes. This has been an amazing journey and it has been so nice to share it… Read More

    Time In Amritsar

    Written By Georgia Namaste friends and family! This is Georgia, writing to you all about our time in Amritsar. After a long train journey (from 5pm to 7pm the next… Read More

    Time In Udaipur

    Written By Olivia Hellooo again, Namaste, and greetings from India! It’s Olivia, here to rehash our past few days in Udaipur, and to let you know that we’ve just made… Read More

    Home stays in Jhadol

    Written By Olivia Namaste! This is Olivia, it’s my turn to write the blog for this week, and to tell you about our most recent adventures in beautiful India! So,… Read More

    Our Time In Agra

    Written By Kari Namaste! I am Kari, from Portland Oregon. I have been given the job to share our cool Agra experience with you wonderful people! While in Agra we… Read More

    A Week In Kolkata

    Written By Amiah Namaste to all you parents, friends, pets, and other miscellaneous mystery readers! My name is Amiah and I have 18 years under my belt, soon to be… Read More

    Experiencing Varanasi

    Written By Zevi Namaste to all! I, Zevi, from Portland, Oregon and 18 years old, have received the job to share our Shanti groups’ wonderful experience in Varanasi, the spiritual… Read More

    1st Week In India

    Greetings from India! The Shanti group is just completing our first week in India, and it has been a whirlwind of amazing, intense, overwhelming, and awesome experiences. As part of… Read More

    Shanti Has Arrived!

    Dear Friends and Family: The Shanti group has landed safely in Delhi, settled into their accommodation, and have shared their first meal together. They are already walking the narrow streets… Read More