Ollantaytambo: Spanish, Ruins, and Chocolate

We have just finished our week of home-stays in the beautiful town of Incan ruins, Ollantaytambo.For the first half of the week we took Spanish classes at a nearby Spanish school from 9 am to 1 pm each day. Classes would consist of a few hours of Spanish practice and grammar in the classroom and then a few hours of exploring ruins, nearby markets, and the town with our… Read More

Amazonian Adventure

We have just arrived in Tena after a short, but adventure-filled week in the Ecuadorian Amazon. On Monday, we were welcomed by Eduardo (the owner of the land we stayed on), and Lorena and company (the family that had been traveling with us the previous two weeks) as we settled into our cabins and accustomed ourselves to the abnormally sized insects. We spent our day exploring the jungle with Eduardo… Read More

Scavenger Hunt!!

Jake and I are currently exploring Quito with our scavenger list in hand! So far, our favorite thing we have seen has been the Basilica del Voto Nacional. It was so beautiful, both inside and out. We took a photo in front of it, which we sadly cannot upload because we don't have a cord 🙁 We are looking forward to stumbling our way through the rest of Quito and,… Read More