Difficult Hike Followed by Blissful Yoga

Last weekend, we exchanged the normal contents of our packs for tents, sleeping bags, and lots of food before embarking on a strenuous (to say the least) 2 day trek through the highlands of Guatemala. On the first day, we were greeted with rain, fog, and even a downpour of hail. We didn’t let the chilly first night ruin our attitudes though, and we enjoyed a fun second day of… Read More

Mountain School and Xela

Since we last touched base in Guatemala City, the Quetzal group has traveled to two more Spanish schools and we’re currently stationed in the beautiful (and rather chilly) city of Xela. Before arriving here we studied in a sister school located in a charming city in the mountains where we shared meals with host families and got a closer look into rural Guatemalan livelihoods. There we had many opportunities to… Read More

Here we go

This is the first blog of many but the only one by me… We arrived at the spanish school on Sunday and it was amazing!! The first thing that we all noticed was all the amazing scenery and all the green. Coming from the city with all the noise to just nothing but silence for the most part. The only exceptions are all the dogs and roosters that constanly keep… Read More