Dingo Den & Sydney

By Kathleen Hi everyone! Our week started out on our last day at our hostel in Katoomba. Our time in Katoomba was spent doing orientation activities while also going on hikes and exploring our surroundings. After Katoomba, we went a few towns over to Penrith to settle in before starting our volunteer work at a dingo sanctuary the next day. We showed up to the dingo sanctuary the very next… Read More

So Many Highlights!

By Diana Carpe Diem’s South Pacific program is becoming a trip I will never forget. During the few days we have been in Australia there have been so many highlights. Our Overseas Educators have been extremely helpful and supportive. They have encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone and try new things. Just yesterday we went on hike and decided to keep going despite the fact that we… Read More

Three Sisters at Blue Mountain National Park

By Shelby, Emma, and Kobbe Hi family and friends! After two long days of travel, we’ve made it to Katoomba, Australia. So far, Katoomba has looked very similar to the U.S. We’re staying at the YHA Katoomba Hostel which is much nicer than we expected. We’re trying not to get used to the luxury of the hostel because we don’t know what our other living situations will be like. Yesterday,… Read More

Our Outback Adventure

By Scott P and Cammie Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine: red desert sands stretching as far as the eye can see; thousand foot tall rock formations older than time itself; brilliant sunsets bathing the horizon in a fiery orange glow; and starry nights—magnificent clusters of constellations that remind you of the vastness of the universe and the endless possibilities that await. This was Walkabout 2017’s Outback… Read More

Community, Connection, Meaning, Purpose.

By Overseas Educators Eric and Lolly It’s difficult to imagine that all our students we have shared rooms, car seats, and experiences with for the past three months are now spread all over the world from Boston to Portland, Tucson to Long Island, and Adelaide to Sydney. We have been reflecting over the past few days of how hard leaving each other was on that courtyard of the Village Glebe… Read More

In the Village of Nakuku

By Jenny Olea Hey everyone! It’s Jenny here, writing all the way from Australia. I would like to share my experience during the last couple of days in the village of Nakuku. On November 3rd, we went to visit the school Vuni Salusalu, where we got to meet a bunch of wonderful kids! Personally, I loved doing this because I really enjoy interacting with kids, getting to know them, and… Read More

Fiji: I Will Never Forget You

By Chandler On my way to Fiji, I didn’t really know what to expect. I hoped the people I would come across would be nice, and welcoming, and helpful. I hoped that my upcoming time in the village would be an amazing experience. I hoped all these things, but I really didn’t have any expectations. Little did I know, what was to come were life-changing moments and memories. In New Read More

North Island Updates

By David Bleecker The group’s spirits are high as we leave the North Island (Te Ika a Maui) of New Zealand, en route to the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) via the Interislander ferry. Our last week was mostly spent trekking, caving, biking, and camping through National Park, a large area of protected wilderness in the heart of the North Island. Our five-day excursion was led by Blue Mountain Adventure… Read More

Respect and Gratitude

By Daisy Katelyn Osowski Last week we wrapped up our time with Tiaki at the marae in Whaingaroa and spent two nights with Rangimarie and Rob, a Maori/Native American couple that welcomed us into their home in Manu Wairua (means Bird Spirit). We got to participate in a Lakota sweat lodge ceremony and drum in a drum circle while singing traditional, and not so traditional, songs. Our time with Rangimarie, Read More

Maori Language and Cultural Immersion

By Overseas Educators Lolly Beck-Pancer and Eric Strickler Arriving at the marae, Tiaki, our host and guide for the week, Tawhai, his three-year-old son, and Matewai, our warm language and song teacher, welcomed us to the grounds. In accordance with tradition, we had to wait at the ceremonial gate to be called into the marae by one of the elders. During the week we frequently practiced te reo Maori, the… Read More

Scavenger Hunting and WWOOFing in Raglan

By Curtis and Jenny Friday the 15th was the start of our journey together as a Carpe Diem group. The first three days of orientation were spent getting to know everybody. We shared personal details about our lives to understand everybody’s motivation for coming on this trip. After agreeing on the rules we wanted to abide by and the skills that we all wanted to work on, we made a… Read More