Bab L-Bwiba! 11 days in RABAT!

Written By Kayla
Hey everyone! Week 2 coming at you!

This week has been such a different experience compared to the last. We stayed in Rabat and had the opportunity to stay with host families! From what I heard, all our experiences in our homes were great! Definitely blew my expectations out of the water. We ate amazing home cooked meals, like couscous which is usually ate on every Friday, so : Friday became a highlight. We also ate a lot of tajine, which is also a very traditional and incredibly good meal shared in a big bowl with baked chicken, veggies, and bread of course. It is very common that as a family you eat with your hands out of the big tajine bowl in the center of the table. We were able to experience the culture of Morocco in our homestays with beautiful traditional homes, trying new things like going to the Hammam, which was like a public sauna type bath (definitely a bonding experience) and practice our language studies when we came home from class each evening!

Every morning, we met up at the end of the street and walked to the school together. Our teachers name was Khalid, he was an amazing first teacher. We had a lot of fun, and he was really patient with our crazy bunch. We also always had a snack break for cookies and juice or tea. Which by now you all probably know made us very happy, but did not help subdue our energy levels, poor Khalid.

After mornings in the classroom, we usually had an afternoon activity. We had the opportunity to join with the program called Crafting Love and Hope, where we met the amazing couple Elizabeth and Badr, who told us about the program, and took us to different organizations that they are partnered with. We spent one day at a youth center, where we got to connect with the young adults in the program and play games with them. It was a great experience in bonding with the people our age in their community. We also got to visit the women’s center, called Nahdat Al Hay. This program gives the women of Morocco the education they may not have had the opportunity to gaining while growing up. Such as language and literary lessons, cooking classes, and the steps creating clothing. It was amazing to attend these organizations and experience first hand how they connect with the community around them.

Lastly, we got to get in touch with the history of Morocco by visiting the Roman ruins of Chellah. It was so beautiful and fun to learn about the history of Morocco.

This week I had everyone share their thoughts of the week in only one sentence!

TORI “Full of adventure and learning more about Morocco and my group which made me really happy.”

GEOFF “My family’s couscous turned me into a puddle where from the floor I was able to properly gaze upon the greatness of my host mother’s cooking.”

ELIANA “I didn’t think I would be able to call a place home after only being there for 2 weeks of being there.”

BRANDIS “This week was super awesome.”

GINA “Rabat was the perfect introduction to Morocco, spending time with Elizabeth, Badr, and Khalid was a great way to excite me for the weeks to come.”

VANESIA “I really enjoyed my time in Rabat, I loved all the family and friends I met, and hope to come back someday.”

CLEMENTE “My time in Rabat was awesome, the food I ate was spectacular!”

KAYLA “This week was a time of growth for me, I loved connecting with the culture of Morocco in every way, it was truly like nothing I have experienced before.”

We are in Tetouan now and all having a fun time!

Miss you all, Kayla

Meeting the homestay families!

First day of Dirija class with our teacher, Khalid.

Cooking class at Safir.

Cooking lunch.

Touring the Challa ruins.
Challa ruins.

”Challa ruins visit”

A vegetable street in the medina that we lived in.

Sunset from Elizabeth and Badr’s apartment!

“Couscous Friday! Everybody loves couscous Friday!”