Battambang- and the Adventures in Ptea Teuk Dong

Hello one and all-
Greetings from Battambang, we arrived here after a lengthy bus excursion and have been staying at the Ptea Teuk Dong Center for rehabilitating those who have been affected by the sex trade. The people we have been living with are simply wonderful. Their hospitality is is only matched by their graciousness. In our time here so far we have had the opportunity to partake in several projects; including building a straw roof on a building overlaying a beautiful pond, as well as digging a rain outlet from the pond for more water access. The mix of work and heat has been hard on everyone but the morale is high with all the positive energy from those staying their. As well as physical work we have been teaching English in the afternoons to most of those at the center, who are learning what we teach amazingly fast. Going nonstop all day has led us to a fairly regular schedule of settling in when it gets dark and waking up when it gets light, although to our surprise on the first night there is a religious anniversary underway which involves loudspeakers started to blast chants and prayers from about 3:30 in the morning to about 5. After a few days of this we decided to ventured out at 4 in the morning to the source to find hundreds of locals lighting incense and conducting ceremonies so early in them morning. All and all it has been an incredible experience staying here, and hope the best for everyone we have been with. Our next adventure is a boat trip to Siem Reap, so until next time…
Goodnight and goodluck
Team Seasia