Bird call alarm clocks

Who needs alarm clock when you have the Koel bird of Thailand. The 5:30 wake up to it’s screeching might take getting used to but it does allow you to enjoy a full day of Thailand. We enjoyed some free breakfast of Thai Omelet or Noodle soup, got some coffee, and prepared to make our first group agreements. Going around we discussed what each member of our community wanted to get out the of the group and what we felt was needed to keep us tight. Our group has bonded really well in only two days, enough that we can talk about our home lives and even our poop cycles and still feel comfortable around each other. We headed out to a local park called Bauk Haad where we drank milk tea and played some shuttlecock. We discussed the do’s and dont’s of Thai culture and how to assure we made good impressions on our coming home stays. We chilled at the park for a while enjoying the wonderful Thai air and the half-naked yoga practitioners. Heading off we had the opportunity to explore a Thai market where it felt the entirety of Chang Mai had come out to pedal to a massive crowd of foreign tourists. We bought some absolute necessities like frilly pants and wallets, before stopping at a stall to get some soup for dinner. Thai food carts provide some of the best food we’ve ever tried and the massive selection of everything from Pad Thai to Fried bugs meant everyone found something unique to try. We took an open-air taxi back to Mojito Gardens where we closed down for the night. Only two days in Thailand and already it is such an amazing experience.

Luke McGreivy, Brenden Dunne, Taylor Schutt