Hongi Spring ’20 Signing Off

Written By Rachael & Nathan Kia Ora friends and families! Nathan and Rachael here writing from Seattle and Northern California. We said goodbye to the group yesterday in LAX where we met 6 weeks ago. We exchanged warm and fuzzy notes and gave air hugs. Tears were shed. This has been a trying last week with plans changing daily and the group having to readjust plans constantly to keep up… Read More

Till We Meet Again

Howdie doodie neighborinos! Hanny and gang here. What a wild ride the past few days have been…. After we said our farewells to all the people and creatures at the Hart farm (especially to Pippi the dog!) we traveled down to the lively city of Wellington! We enjoyed a couple days strolling up and down Cuba Street, browsing the funky shops, eating at all the restaurants, and drinking TONS of… Read More

How Quickly Things Change

Written By Natalie & Paff How quickly things can change, hey? Three days ago, we all sat around wooden stools at Sandot’s permaculture farm gorging on banana cake and fried noodles. Two days ago, we were singing “Happy Birthday” to Jordan and Daniela during our final dinner in Chiang Mai. Yesterday, we parted ways and gave one last scorpion salute and “Seize the day, baby!” in San Francisco. Today, we… Read More

Hello From Sarteneja In Belize

Written By Nika, Latitudes Year ’20 Belize I’m at Wildtracks in Belize, which is a rehabilitation/release center for monkeys and manatees. The owners are Paul and Zoe, who are the nicest people. They work so hard for the betterment of the animals here at Wildtracks. Wildtracks have two different types of monkeys: Howler monkeys and Spider monkeys. I work in the nursery with the baby howler monkeys. I’ve been here… Read More

Maya Group Signoff

Written By Suzannah & Matt Hola a tod@s! Matt y Suzannah here, together in spirit if not in body! It’s been a crazy few days but we hope everyone is home (or in Xela) safe and sound. While our time together in Central America did not end the way we would have hoped, we want to focus on the great experiences we were privileged enough to have during our month… Read More

Shanti Spring 2020: Final Blog

Written By Tanya, Will, Jahmeil, and Grace It is with sadness and hope in our hearts that we write this final blog. We feel no need to pull punches: we are nothing short of devastated to be saying goodbye so quickly and abruptly to our new, bright, nomadic little family. Just a few short days ago we were alerted to the true panic of the worldwide Corona Virus (gotta remember… Read More

New Zealand Conservation & Off-Grid Living

Written By Lily, Latitudes Year ’20 New Zealand Picture this: it’s approaching midnight, and you’re sitting in the middle of the dense, ominous New Zealand forest. You sit in the dark, so your sense of hearing is stronger, and you’re alone. The many sounds of the diverse forest distract from the fact that you can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed due to the intense darkness. You listen,… Read More

The Final Sawatdeekaaaaaah

Written By Fields & Jordan Swatdeekaaaaah, Greetings from an airport cafe in Taipei, Taiwan. This past week has been a kerfuffle of events. We began the week in Chiang Rai, refueling after a long stay with the Hill Tribes full of games, learning bamboo skills, chickens, and amazing foods. City life was popping. Our hostel was mega bougie. There was a pool table and a real life pool. It hosted… Read More

Marine Conservation In Thailand

Written By Lily, Latitudes Year ’20 Thailand S̄wạs̄dī from Koh Phangan, Thailand! It’s crazy to think that 6 weeks ago, Jackson, Madi and I were boarding our 22-hour flight to arrive on this beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. Time is flying by; it’s hard to believe we are past the halfway point in the semester! At Core Sea, on our daily morning dives, there is always a new… Read More

Week In Xela

Written By Liona & Ben We started this week off with a spectacular welcome into the grand city of Xela. We met our host families for this week. We are no longer doing one on one classes however we are definitely getting our Spanish practice in by talking to our host families and our teachers. We have explored many places in Xela and visited many restaurants. While sitting down in… Read More

North Bali Reef Conservation

Written By Sydney, Latitudes Year ’20 Indonesia Hello from Bali! I am currently living in a village called Tianyar on the North East coast of the island. For the past few weeks I have been working with other volunteers and local fishermen to deploy reef structures into the ocean out front of where I have been living. Each morning we go to the beach to either build, move, or deploy… Read More

Life In El Paredón

Written By Lindsay, Latitudes Year ’20 Guatemala Living in El Paredón, Guatemala is akin to constantly being on vacation, I am surrounded by palm trees, it takes me 3 minutes to walk to the beach, and the weather is hot and tropical. A day in my life begins with an early start at 8:30 am (early for me at least because I am a teenager and used to waking up… Read More

Mountain Treks & Rest Day

Written By Rosalba Hola todos! Oops wrong country This is Rosalba, writing the blog in an A/C hostel room while everyone else is out getting Thai massages. If you think I had to stay behind to write this, you thought wrong. Thai massages are way too painful for me to endure again, so I’m happily typing away! For the past few days, things have been going all sorts of ways;… Read More

Rural Life & Spanish Classes

Written By Ish & Dish Saludos desde la escuela de la montaña! We’re now in the welcoming town of Nuevo San Jose where we’re back to enjoying more rice, beans, and tortillas with local families with whom we’ve been having our daily meals. We’re also back to learning more Spanish in one-on-one classes dividing us up between morning and afternoon batches. While we were hoping for a bit of a… Read More

Cheers From The Hart Farm!

Written By Mia & Lucas It’s Mia and Lucas here to let you all know what we’ve been up to during the past week. We first were given the opportunity by our amazing overseas educators to explore the city of Rotorua. We started things off with a nice dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant, sharing our excitement about the next few days of adventuring. After a great first nights’ sleep… Read More

City Lights and Forest Trees

Written By Daniela Greetings family and friends 🙂 We hope you are all doing well and enjoying life back at home. This is Daniela reporting to you from a big porch with chickens bocking away and an incredible view of green mountains. Last week, we had the opportunity to stay in Chiang Rai for a couple of days. The city was filled with beautiful streets and a vibrant night market… Read More

Kenya: The Energy, Experiences, & Emotions

Written By: Isabel, Latitudes Year ’20 Kenya The liveliness and hospitality in Kenya is inescapable. I always find myself in awe of the sense of community I have seen many countries embody. Often times, being seen as or referred to as a “sister” or “brother”. The way of life here feels so natural; with months left here it still doesn’t feel like long enough. From the loud music, the cultural… Read More

A Day In the Life of a Volunteer at KSTR

Written By Sammi, Latitudes Year ’20 Costa Rica For my Focused Volunteer Placement I chose to work at a jungle animal rehabilitation sanctuary in Costa Rica! To start my day, I eat breakfast with all of the volunteers and staff, including fellow Carpe Diem member, Sierra. We start work off by chopping fresh fruit and vegetables for the animals, and making sure everyone gets their necessary medication. Some animals housed… Read More

Island Life

Written By Madison, Latitudes Year ’20 Thailand Hello from COREsea, in beautiful Koh Pha-ngan-, Thailand. The island of Koh Pha-ngan is like a sense from a movie. At COREsea Jackson, Lily and myself have been hard at work. During diving we have been doing fish survey’s, coral bleaching surveys, coral identification and coral predator surveys. On conservation Friday’s, we pick up trash on the beach and take out plastic and… Read More