So Long, South Pacific

Wow who knew 3 months could be filled with so many memories. We will never forget all the campfire sing alongs, the rain in bark bay, or games of patterns filled with laughter. It was a beautiful ride filled with more lessons than we can count. From experiencing a remote village in Fiji, to learning how to milk a cow, and even getting certified to dive. We experienced all we… Read More

Song Thaew Seats Twelve

A song thaew seats twelve. Well, eight comfortably. Ten if you squeeze. But right now it seats twelve. Right now twelve sets of shoulders hold each other locked in place. Heads jostle on the bumpy road and someone compares them to bobble-head dolls. Some laugh, some grin, some act like they didn’t hear. Maybe they didn’t. The pavement is rough and the tires aren’t new. Song thaew is Thai for… Read More

Signing off from Cusco

It’s been an amazing three months! It is with a heavy heart and excitement for the future that we bid farewell to our 10 terrific students, each who brought something unique and valued to our little nomadic group. From the humid coasts of Ecuador to the high and chilly mountains of Peru, this semester was truly filled with adventure, laughs, and challenges for all of us. Talking about permaculture, practicing… Read More

It’s hard to believe it’s over

It’s hard to believe it’s over. Our final week in Morocco was spent on an adventure from the trails of the High Atlas, along the Route of 1,000 Kasbahs, to the dunes of Erg Chebbi, through gorgeous Todra Gorge, over the Moroccan Alps at Ifrane, into the ancient medina of Fez and eventually to bustling Casablanca. This week of Student Directed Travel encapsulated much of the semester. We made new… Read More

Reverse Culture Shock After a Gap Year: 10 Ways Parents Can Help

As our groups return this week, we know families are excited to welcome students home and proud of all of their hard work over the past months. Taking a gap year is a transformative journey and you may think the experience is over: the truth is, some of the hardest work has just begun. As students grapple with reverse culture shock, it is important that they feel supported so they… Read More

Exploring Brisbane, Cairns, and Beyond

Written By Kai 11/19 On Tuesday we left the Buddhist retreat and and took the train back the Brisbane. The night before we discussed options for activities for our two days in the city before heading to the wallaby reserve so Natalie, Lillie, Jay, Caleb and Maddy decided to visit the Steve Irwin Zoo. So when we left the buddhist retreat, one group enjoyed the best zoo in Australia and… Read More

Macchu Picchu – We Made It!

We made it! It was an epic hike, over the Salkantay pass at 15,000 ft, camping below massive mountain peaks, and pushing our bodies to complete 4 days of hiking. Our troop of 10 (plus a guide, cooks, mules and mule drivers) had a great experience. From high mountain peaks to the jungle, we traversed through an amazing array of ecosystems. It was an unforgettable experience! We met the final… Read More

Costa Rica Wrap-up

Written By Rosalie As I’m writing this, we are heading into our final week together as a group after nearly three months of travel. Tomorrow, we leave Costa Rica, and I have to say that our last week here has been one of the most impactful, at least for me. Despite the many giant spiders I encountered and then willfully tried and failed to ignore (they remain seared into the… Read More

The Importance of Reverse Culture Shock: An Alumni Perspective

Photos and article by Carpe Diem Alumni Evangeline Scazzero If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already been poisoned. Poisoned by what your parents call “the travel bug,” what your friends call “you’re so lucky,” and what your college advisor will eventually call, “put down the study abroad pamphlets.” Full disclosure, I have also been poisoned. Yet here I am, still alive and well. I’ve survived it all.… Read More

Diving into Nha Trang

Hello everyone. Since we talked last, we’ve been working hard on student presentations, catching up on sleep, and learning how to SCUBA dive in the beautiful waters of Nha Trang. On November 19th we spent our last day in Ho Chi Minh City where we went to the Vietnam War museum and learned about how the war affected not only the Vietnamese, but also many US soldiers and their families… Read More

G’day From Australia!

Written By Sierra & Hunter This is Hunter and Sierra giving you all an update on our most recent journey Down Under. On Nov. 10th, we arrived at our first destination in Australia: Sheoak Ridge. The people at Sheoak—Claire and Marcus—strive to protect native eco-systems in far North Queensland on their 165-acre property. They conduct research, work on rehabilitating wallabies, practice mindful land management, and provide unique opportunities for students… Read More

Sea Turtle Conservation

Hiya everyone!! Its Sydney Lou Who here, writing with the unsolicited help of Rachael and Hayden. Last week we spent 5 days working at the turtle project in the Nicoya Peninsula with Eduardo and Mancho and a host of others that included a group of German volunteers and Brazilian volunteers, so we took the opportunity to make lots of friends and annoy more people than just Matt and Rachael. We… Read More

1st Week In Australia

(Steve Irwin Accent) “AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE!……….AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE!” First week in Australia was CRIKEY! The stoke levels of the group were off the charts heading into this next leg of our journey. We could feel the energy of the outback coursing through our veins obsessing over the dangerous and gnarly environment in our near future. Upon our arrival in Brisbane we stayed our first night at the BBR (Brisbane… Read More

A Day In The Life at Sadhana Forest

It is hard to believe that this week brought about the end of November and the final stages of our itinerary here in India, but there is no where I would have rather spent it than in Sadhana Forest. Our group spent 10 days sleeping in tree-house bamboo huts under mosquito nets in a small community outside of Auroville that is based on forest regeneration, water conservation and sustainable living.… Read More

Bocce Ball!

While in Ait Ourir we were able to briefly observe a national level bocce competition (known as pétanque in French.) It’s popular and Morocco is a regular contender in international circles, winning silver at the 2018 world championships, and placing in the top ranks numerous times over 50 years in both men’s and women’s competition Our group didn’t compete, though we did try a few tosses and were surprisingly good… Read More

Experiences In Ait Ourir

Howdy Folks, It’s Yung Perz on this beat (Omid). We’ve made some serious political gains out here in the streets of Ait Ourir. From shaking hands with the pacha (senator) and discussing the issues with our president’s economic/foreign policy to meeting with the Vice President of the city council and discussing Moroccan public health issues, it’s fair to say we are striving to prosper in Morocco. All jokes aside: We… Read More