Island Life

Written By Madison, Latitudes Year ’20 Thailand Hello from COREsea, in beautiful Koh Pha-ngan-, Thailand. The island of Koh Pha-ngan is like a sense from a movie. At COREsea Jackson, Lily and myself have been hard at work. During diving we have been doing fish survey’s, coral bleaching surveys, coral identification and coral predator surveys. On conservation Friday’s, we pick up trash on the beach and take out plastic and… Read More

From Munnar To Madurai

Written By Riley & Will Part 1: the trek After a bittersweet goodbye to our host families, we took a 4-hour long bus ride to our next destination. As the scenery transitioned from a bustling city to rural hills, to the dramatic green slopes of the Western Ghats, the group became more and more excited for a change in the view. Our destination was a campsite located a couple of… Read More

Farming In Atitlan

Written By Catie & Andie This week we stayed at the wonderful Bambu Guest House in Tzununá. Although we missed our homestay families from last week in San Juan, everyone was very happy to once again be sleeping under the same roof. We have a gorgeous view of Lake Atitlan and the mountain ranges surrounding us. On clear nights, we have even gotten to see El Fuego volcano erupting in… Read More

Greetings from Kochi, India!

Written by Daniella & Grace On the 18th we got to settle into our family homestays. Bonding with these families, learning about their culture, customs and food have been the highlight of the trip so far. Each host family provides us with a roof over our heads and home-cooked food. And in return, Carpe students have the opportunity to connect with the family (and are responsible for being home by… Read More

Raglan: Maori Experience with Tiaki

Kia Ora Hongi fans, what’s up y’all, this is real life, After orientation we moved to Solscape, a sustainable hostel looking over the ocean, and slept in train cars for a couple nights. Here we began learning about Maori culture with Tiaki and Madi. Starting out strong at 5am, we headed over to Wairenga Falls; it was a really powerful experience. This waterfall is a place where Maori people let… Read More

Thai Language & Homestays

Written By Whitney Hey friends and family of the hustling and bustling Sabai 2020 group. This is Whitney (Whitneeeeyyy in Thai) coming to you from our first official laundry stop in 2 weeks in Chiang Rai, Thailand. After an inspiring first week in Chiang Mai for orientation, we packed up our bags from the Sarah Guest House and our lovely Ajarn (teacher) Panom drove us a quick 45ish minutes past… Read More

Saludos de San Juan

Written By: Alissa and Rachel Buenos dias from San Juan! Rachel and Alissa here to share with you the adventures of the week! We left Antigua on Monday morning and drove to Lake Atitlan. We got to enjoy a lovely boat ride across the lake to the vibrant town of San Juan. From here, we met up with our welcoming homestay families and went to see our new homes for… Read More

How to Use Our Free Gap Year Planner 

Is this you?  You’re thinking about taking a gap year after high school or in college, so you start googling gap year ideas to find the best gap year programs, and what to do during your gap year to see what your options are.  Maybe you also take a look at the gap year travel programs on or, read program reviews, and talk with friends who’ve gone… Read More

1st Week In Kerala

Wow! What a jam-packed first week it’s been. After close to 40 hours of travel, we woke up early our first day and we were warmly welcomed by our host, Celia, to a delicious Kerala breakfast. We were lucky to start our days off like this, and every morning Celia would cook a new Kerala specialty for us. By the way, they cook with lots of coconuts in Kerala-as Kerala… Read More

Hello From The Land Of smiles!

Hello from the land of smiles! We are excited to be reaching out for the first time together as one and hope this blog entry finds you well. We are wrapping up orientation in Chiang Mai and are about to depart for our initial homestay experience in Mae Rim. The crews (Team Free Boyfriend, Lost Wanderers, and Mango Vibes) just returned from their scavenger hunts filled with stories. Here are… Read More

Starting Off Strong: Antigua

Bathed in sunshine and surrounded by impressive volcanoes, Antigua, Guatemala has served as our introduction to Central America. Laughter, exploring the city, trying new foods, playing games, sharing life stories, and orienting ourselves to our three months in Central America…our first few days in have been jam-packed with activities. Although it’s only been a few days, our group has started to take shape and inside jokes have already started to… Read More

Shanti Has Landed in Kochi, India!

Dear Friends and Family of the Shanti group: We have received word that the group has landed in Kochi, India. The group had a long flight over, and will now go to their guesthouse and get some much-needed sleep. They will start orientation tomorrow, and begin getting to know each other and the amazing land and culture of India. We wish them well in their upcoming journey! All the best,… Read More

Sabai Has Arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Greetings friends and family The Sabai group landed safely in Chiang Mai, Thailand on February 14th. The group had a short layover in Hong Kong, and have arrived happy and a bit tired. The group will now make their way to the East side of Chiang Mai city to their orientation accommodation and will meet up with their final group member! After some food and a nap, the group will… Read More

Safe arrival in Guatemala

We’re happy to report that the MAYA group has arrived safely in Guatemala! After their overnight flight, they are tired but excited for the semester to come. They’ve checked in to their hostel in Antigua and had their first Guatemalan breakfast. They are going to take some time to rest and recharge now before diving in to the rest of their orientation. Stay tuned as they will start posting updates… Read More

Shanti Group Together in San Francisco

Dear Shanti Friends and Family: We wanted to update you and let you know that the entire Shanti group has safely arrived at SFO airport. The group will go through security and then dive into a few introduction and orientation activities led by their Overseas Educators, Rebecca and Adam. The group will then embark on their long flight across the Pacific Ocean, en route to Kochi, India! We will provide… Read More

Hongi Group Together In Los Angeles

Dear Hongi Friends and Family: We wanted to update you and let you know that the Hongi group has safely arrived at LAX. The group will go through security and then dive into a few introduction and orientation activities led by their Overseas Educators, Rachael and Nathan. The group will then embark on their long flight over the Pacific Ocean, en route to Auckland, New Zealand! We will provide an… Read More