Hola From Turrialba!

Written By Tyler & Cece Hola from Turrialba! We’re Tyler and Cece and we’re so excited to share with you some highlights from our two weeks in this beautiful place. Our first notable excursion was to The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE). We not only learned about many of the unique plants native to and present in Costa Rica, we also learned about CATIE’s mission and role… Read More

Growing Roots in Maui

Written By Ashley and Gemma Aloha! Our first week began on an unsuspecting note of arrival dates due to the weather in Dallas. After officially gathering as a full group on Camp Olowalu, we dove right into orientation with lots of swimming, learning, beach time, camp exploration, and fun! One morning we went sea-kayaking from shore and snorkeled in the neighboring reefs. Two highlights from that morning were sightings of… Read More

Aloha to our Carpe Diem ‘Ohana crew!

Peter and Natalie here, writing from the beautiful town of Kihei, situated on the southwest shores of Maui. This past week, we have had the opportunity to reconnect with each other and plan parts of our semester– (we actually have been friends for five years and led trips in Colorado together last summer). It’s been an awesome week– eating delicious local fruits, vegetables, and poke, visiting black and white sand… Read More

A Week In Chilamante

Written By Sasha Hey everyone, my name is Sasha and I will be reporting on the activities and places we’ve done this week (February 15th- February 23th). This week we were primarily stationed in the beautiful eco retreating Chilamante, Costa Rica until the 21st when we left for our next spot – Turrialba for language school. While at the resort our primary focuses were: nature and building connections with each… Read More

Lahaina Scavenger Hunt

Today we spent time in the town of Lahaina on a scavenger hunt…here are a few blog posts we’d like to share! Aloha! It’s been a great first week in Hawaii at Camp Olowalu! We’ve been living on the beach in tents and the weather‘s been absolutely perfect, except for some strong gusts of wind. Today we went snorkeling off of kayaks and saw some turtles up close. Last night… Read More

Bienvenidos A Costa Rica!

Written By: Mia At varying moments during the early morning hours of Wednesday, February the 11th, twelve intrepid young adults left their respective hometowns and everything they know to be familiar en route to Costa Rica. I, Mia Bluestein, happen to be one of those individuals. Our staggered departures gave way to staggered arrivals and and by the time we arrived in San Jose (in the second of three waves)… Read More

Safe Arrival in Costa Rica

Hello family and friends of the Spring ’21 Costa Rica group, I’m happy to report that the group has arrived safely to Costa Rica!  After getting some rest yesterday, they have settled in to the Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat, and today are focused on getting to know each other and the program and learning how to stay safe and healthy.  A highlight of today was playing together in the Sarapiqui… Read More

A taste of La Pura Vida

Hey Costa Rica Maya Crew and all who will be following and supporting us on this journey! With the excitement of our semester just around the corner we are feeling so grateful to have this opportunity to travel, learn, and grow together in the complexity of today’s world!   Thus we begin our journey by writing this first blog!  Although the students will be the usual voice on the blogs throughout… Read More

Arizona Shmerizona

To our lovely Borderlands family, Hey! We have a fun fact for you all: we drove 4,375 miles in the last eight weeks! (Soooo, how many of those miles were spent singing Lady Gaga? Some of you definitely just said, “too many”, some of you definitely just said, “not enough”.) But seriously! Wow! 4,375 miles! And we never left Arizona. And why would we?! In lands as vast as Arizona… Read More

Mindfulness, Mountains, and Final Goodbyes

Written By Rachel and Elsie Hello! For our last week here in Arizona, we headed to the Dharma Treasure Meditation Retreat for a peaceful, reflective end to an amazing trip. Your captains of the week, Rachel and Elsie, are here to share our experience. Namaste 11/30 After a sad goodbye to our temporary home at Hacienda Corona, we drove into Tucson for a COVID-19 test. This time, we got a… Read More

The Chicken Stepped in the Pie!

Written By, Mari, Leila, and Eli Hey guys, it’s Mari! Leila, Eli and I were the captains this week and I’m here to tell you all about what we did! For our 4 day captainship, we went back to the Hacienda Corona Bed & Breakfast to celebrate Thanksgiving with four relaxed days. 11/26: Thanksgiving Day! This morning we all woke up refreshed after sleeping in, and super excited for the… Read More

Experience Student Directed Travel (and Scottsdale!)

Hello! This week was student directed travel, four days of travel and experiences fully designed by all the students on the semester!  Since this week was planned by everyone together, the blog will also be written by everyone together. You will hear from each of our captains-of-the-day teams as they tell you about their day and the activities they planned. Rachel and Elsie – Saturday 11/21: Hi all! This is… Read More

A Week in the Life at Canelo Project

Written By Sophie & Petar Hey everybody, this is Sophie, one of the current team captains! This week the group traveled to the Canelo Project in Elgin, Arizona. When we arrived, everybody got a quick tour of the property and took a look at the Main House, Guest House, Poem’s House, Juanita’s House, and the Portable Straw-bale House. Each member of the group got to stay in one of these… Read More

Much Ado About Dirt

Much Ado About Dirt Our week as a playbook at Deep Dirt Farm & Institute Written by Rachel, Jacob, and Freya Monday, Nov. 12 Scene: The Carpe Diem van and Jeep arrive at the Deep Dirt Institute with Kate T (Owner of Deep Dirt) waving at the welcome center. After brief hellos, the group follows her to a spiral rock structure where they introduce one another and converse. Kate explains Read More

A Trek to Remember

Written By, Elsie, Petar, and Eli Hi family and friends!! I’m Elsie, one of our captains of the week along with Eli and Petar. I’m excited to let you all in on what’s been going on here in Arizona. What a week it has been!! After lots of preparation and anticipation, we finally packed up our bags Monday morning and dove into a 6-day backpacking adventure. For many of us,… Read More

Native Plant Party!

Written By, Lily Hello family and friends! We finally arrived in the small border town of Patagonia, Arizona last Wednesday. Following the cold nights we spent in the Grand Canyon, the group is loving the warm weather down here. Once we settled into our accommodations at the old elementary school in town, we were anxious to start working with Borderlands Restoration Network (BRN). I’m Lily, one of the team captions… Read More

Epic Canyon Moment (and hello from Arizona!)

The group jumping after setting up our tents in Tucson. Super excited! Written By Kerri, Jacob, and Leila Greetings from sunny Arizona! We have been spending this first week camping at two different sites, exploring, and bonding. Our first site was based in Tucson, where we set up after arriving and had a nice dinner of pizza. We spent the first four days getting to know each other, and getting… Read More