Bonding with the Hilltribe People of Fang

By Dominique Lakhiaminh

This week we were fortunate enough to stay with homestays in Fang. Fang is a village with Akha and Lahu hilltribe people. We all got to stay with wonderful families that were loving and full of laughter. We got to learn about their culture and be able to help build a school for students that would have otherwise had to go to work with their parents at the orange farm. The orange farm is where these villagers have the opportunity to work picking oranges, although this is a great opportunity for work, children if they did not have school or someone to watch over them, would have to go to work with their parents and be exposed to chemicals at a young age. We were all happy that we got to build a school for these children and be able to help them have a future filled with greater opportunities. We learned how to work with bamboo, wood, and machetes. With this, we not only built a school for children, but we also built strong relationships with the hilltribe people. This is an opportunity we never forget about.

Next, we’re off to our 3-4 day trek!