Bula! Kia ora! G’day!

By Overseas Educators Mandy & Adam

Bula! Kia ora! G’day! As we come into our final days of preparation, with our bags packed, our goodbyes said, and our visas secured, we are reminded of the quote from C.S. Lewis (maybe) that states, “only those who risk going too far, will find out how far one can possibly go.”

These coming months are sure to test us as we enter wholeheartedly into a whirling dervish of adventure, love, experience, and growth. We’re about to watch the sun set in three different countries. We’re going to lay our heads in many a spot of supreme beauty: from the orange glow of the Australian Outback to the splendid verdancy of the Kiwi coast, and even the captivating lushness of our Fijian homestays. We are inexpressibly grateful to share this with you all and are so excited to finally meet you at LAX. Don’t forget your passport and your bula smile. 🙂