Buongiorno Paladini

Written By Emma

Arrivederci Bologna, buongiorno Paladini. The group woke up early Saturday morning to walk a mile with packs on to a bus to a train to another train to another bus to another 1 mile walk to arrive at a campground with a composting toilet situated halfway down a mountain. Here, we have been spending our days around a campfire sitting on old tires wrapped with rope and walking stubborn donkeys up a hill. Our Italian practice continues, yet has been taking the form of trading common American slang for Italian slang with the other volunteers on the farm. Here we learned that one of our favorite hand gestures means something verrrryyy different in Italy… This is why our Italian teachers last week told us to be careful of expressing things with our hands!

Playing Riptide an illegal amount of times on the ukulele, we also picked up some sea shanties and Irish jigs from the owner of the farm. Aside from dance marathons and lots of fibrous vegan meals, we also squeezed in some time for actual farming and learning about sustainability. In the mornings we have been grubbing on some chestnut pancakes made on site and then doing various tasks ranging from physically chasing sheep to painting American lingo on wood to leave a piece of us on the farm. The afternoons are either full of more Italian lessons, getting our auras cleansed by the local shaman, or bathing in sub zero water. Just be glad you can’t smell our group through the screen. In all seriousness, most of the time we are stunned by the amazing views and wishing we could move to the quaint mountaintop towns we have been spending the days exploring. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of us came back to visit Paladini after the trip ends! Anyways, until next time! Ciao, love, and peace, Emma L.