Call me a sweep because I’m in Broome (Australia)

Where has the time gone? I suppose it’s slipped right past me. Apart from the humidity and Mosquitoes I can confidently say life in Broome is near perfection. The apartment I am staying in is great for one. I was even given a bike, which I named eggman. I’m living a sort of Hannah-Montana lifestyle, getting the best of both worlds. The start of my week I’m in Broome, working in the Kimberley Land Council Office. I feel very official, I have a badge to get in and everything. It’s such a classic office lifestyle. I go in at 8:00, work on some projects, and eat lunch at 12:00, and then I’m out by 4:00. People drop my by cubicle just to say hello, and I’ll stop by there’s to do the same. Lucky for me the office is only a 15 minute bike ride from my accommodation so it’s a very calm way to start the morning. Then Wednesday morning I head out about two hours away to Bidyadanga. When I’m down here I stay in what the locals call a “donger”, you and I would probably just call it a high end motel. It’s got AC, a full kitchen, and a nice little bed, I really can’t complain. Down in Bidy, I work in the field with the Aboriginal Rangers. The rangers I work with are the Karajarri, which translates to “West” “Moving”. When I’m down here with them they show me all the different types of bush animals, bush plants, different bush medicines etc. They’re so much fun to hang around. Such a lively group! They were very keen on hearing about where I come from, the state of Texas. So I created a slideshow presentation all about the lone star state; needless to say they loved it. They’ve all decided to give me a Texas BBQ before I leave. Everyone I’ve met has just been so inviting and proud to share their culture with me.
As I collect all the dreamtime stories, quotes form the Traditional Owners, and even fun little facts, all of that information will be transferred to a bigger project I have been assigned. I am making 4 signs to be place around the port smith area. Sign 1 is on mangroves, sign 2 is on saltwater creatures, sign 3 is on fishing culture, and lastly sign 4 is over the port smith history. I’m going at a good speed and should be able to see the finished project before I leave at the end of April.
All in all it’s going well down under!