This week was spent transitioning, we left from a peaceful yoga meditation retreat into the small city of Chaing mai Thailand for one day.we spent this day at a pool and for the first time during our stay in Thailand we experienced rain. That night we took an overnight bus to the capital city of Bangkok. The bus ride was long and entertaining due to the fellow travelers sitting near our group. Waking up in Bangkok we set out to our hostel we spent three days and nights in Bangkok. Our days were spent exploring the city we did group activities such as taking the rivers system of public transportation, fast paced boats stopping at stops on the river side we go off to go to an art museum one of the most interactive exhibits was a black room with screens that sensed movement you could see your self in red dots on a red screen. This adventure eventually led us to the sky train that gave us a fast pace moving view of Bangkok. We departed the train at a popular part of the city where we indulged in Mexican food and eventually found ourselves at a spot with a stationary view over the whole city. We ended our six weeks in Thailand and took a bus to the boarder of Thailand and Cambodia. Saying goodbye to a country we all began to love and slightly understand was upsetting, the boarder crossing its self was an easy process. Cambodia is a beautiful country with open people, great food, and a very hot sun. We began our stay at PTD an organization aimed at helping women and children from difficult situations rehabilitate and be re integrated into villages, the women are taught skills and are very friendly. Our service work started by digging six wholes three meters deep that will eventually be turned into toilets for a school that village children can attend the work was difficult but felt rewarded once finished. We had a great translator for our week with this organization his name is Ravy and he made us all laugh as well as taught us a few Khmer words. Cambodia has been a beautiful and welcoming country to us so far.
-Taylor Little