Carpe in those DM’s

By Latrell and Sarah

Hello, this is Latrell and Sarah reporting live from Port Douglas. It has been an interesting couple of days. The first two consisted of plenty of travel. We have all learned each others names because we were all forced to sit next to each other on a plane for 18 hours followed by an awesomely auxed van ride. Shout out my man Josh. We are now staying in SheOak Ridge and unfortunately, Marvin Eric could not cuddle with a Whallabee. Sarah and Paff have been amazing leaders so far. After a strenuous game of shuttlecock we showered off with Denise. She’s a spider, sorry to disappoint. Since the beginning of the trip we have not got to participate in many Carpe activities beyond sightseeing, but just those activities have been helpful and fun. So, we are all excited to see what the future holds.