Chapter 1: She Oak Ridge

By Sarah Roman First blog of the trip is up and boy, do we have stuff to tell you guys! For all of the parents frantically checking this site to see if there are any updates on their child’s location, hello. We are all alive. There are a few bumps and bruises from rope swings, capture the flag games, accidentally lighting on fire, and I will spare you the rest.… Read More

Student-Directed Travel in Bikaner

By Charloe Koloma Namaste to those at home. This past week was our group’s time for student-directed travel, naturally creating a hectic but exciting time for all of us. We started off our week in the city of Bikaner to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other and go on a two-day camel trek in the desert. The day before our trek was Thanksgiving so we decided to split off into groups… Read More

Full Circle

Hey everyone, this is your captain Travon Braswell speaking using Haley’s account again because I still can’t get in mine unfortunately but I am here to bring this story book to a closing so sit back and enjoy the last of our adventures. So i’ll start with the for some, long dreaded Himalayas trek and what was for others something long anticipated. It was absolutely beautiful getting out of towns… Read More

Neti-Potting a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

Greetings Everyone, We have just arrived back in Rishikesh after a week long stay in a yoga ashram. We had six days starting at 5:30am full of yoga, meditation, chanting, nature walks, and believe it or not neti potting. Although challenging at times, we loved the warm people and beautiful surroundings. On one of our days, we took a nature hike to a waterfall and spent a couple hours relaxing… Read More

10 Best Photos in FREE FOR ALL from #CDEphotos2014

Wrapping up the final week of the 2014 Photo Contest, we celebrate the passion and the expression of the individual with our #FREEFORALL category. This grab bag category has brought forth a range of wonderful photos, memories, and expriences from across the globle. As we conclude this season's photo contest, we want to thank everyone who has shared their photos with our community.  May you continue to capture inspiring moments… Read More

10 Best Photos of the SUN from #CDEphotos2014

Nothing makes us feel simultaneously ooey, gooey, inspired, at peace, excited, calm, creamy like a good ol' sunrise or sunset. Be it the passing of the time, the incredible colors, or the oneness that touches us, one thing is certain: these moments are special, especially when shared with your friends from abroad. Whether you stand in the blue corner or the red corner, (er, whether you are pro-sunrise or pro-sunset), we don't need… Read More

10 Best Photos of SPIRITUALITY from #CDEphotos2014

Finding balance is no easy task, especially amidst the craziness that ensues from international travel. Crowded streets, horns honking, people shouting, another bus/train/airplane to catch. Phoning home, figuring out your life, missing your friends, running low on cash. Traveling can be stressful! But despite all of the hullaballoo, it is clear that our students value taking time to sit down, process, and reflect on the experience unfolding before them. The… Read More

10 Best Photos of SERVICE from #CDEphotos2014

To learn about a culture while working alongside people from that culture is a gift not many are afforded. The friendships, relationships, skills, and memories you each created while volunteering on your semester abroad are special. During week 4 of the Carpe Diem photo contest, we were given a glimpse into your service learning experiences. We were so touched by the number of people who appeared in your photos – it is clear to… Read More

10 Best Photos of Carpe SPIRIT from #CDEphotos2014

At the risk of sounding like a reject cheer squad….  "We've got spirit, yeah yeah we've got SPIRIT!!!"  No, we're not trying to bring it on, but yes, we are trying to celebrate our awesome community of alumni. The Carpe Diem Education photo contest, week 3 was steeped with pride. Between your photos in the field and even your photos back home, we are so glad to see you getting some use out… Read More

10 Best Photos of NATURE from #CDEphotos2014

Not that we needed any convincing that our planet is absolutely beautiful, but DAAAANG, your #NATURE photo submissions were INCREDIBLE! Seems like everyday is earth day on semester (not that we're complaining!). The Carpe Diem Education photo contest, week 2 was a huge success. Whether the photos were (extreme) close-ups of animal noses, luscious greenery in various rainforests, or the gorgeous aqua blue waters of the sea, choosing a winner… Read More

10 Best Photos of PEOPLE from #CDEphotos2014

Sometimes you can forget where you went, how you got there, or what you did, but it is rare to forget the people you share such a powerful experience with. One of our core principles is community building, and it is a value we hope to instill in each and every one of our students. The Carpe Diem Education photo contest started strong with your PEOPLE photo submissions, which were a… Read More

#CDEphotos2014 Photo Contest

This week: Free for all! Calling all alumni! Ready to make every day a #TBT? Post your favorite photos from your Carpe Diem Education semester, and enter to win $50 gift card(s) to your store of choice! ELIGIBILITY We love our alums! The 2014 Carpe Diem Education photo contest is open to ALL past Carpe Diem Education alumni. CONTEST ENTRY PERIOD The contest will run on a rolling basis from… Read More