Trekking in Cuba

    Day 1 The crew piled into the two vehicles and headed for Santo Domingo! After a long and bumpy ride we arrived, hungry for adventure and maybe a second lunch.… Read More

    Santiago de Cuba

    Hola! Welcome to our second blog about our latest (respectively) adventure! We arrived in Santiago De Cuba and met up with our casa particularas. Our house stays felt a little… Read More

    Updates from Cuba

    Hola, y beunvenidos a Holguin. Escuchando la primeras palabres de grupo Chango en Holguin! Welcome to group Chango’s blog, where you can keep up with our latest (respectively) adventures! We… Read More

    Safe arrival

    We just received word that the Cuba group has arrived safely! The were picked up from the airport and driven to their casas particulares in Holguin, where they’re settling in… Read More

    Let the journey begin!

    The CUBA students have all arrived safely in Miami! They’re all checked in to the hotel and settling in for the the night. They are already enjoying getting to know… Read More


    The blades on both turbines had reached a sufficient speed and the wheels were correctly aligned. A switch was flicked and a petroleum mixture began spraying into the tunnels of… Read More

    Korimakao and Trinidad

    Greetings from your favorite Carpe Diem group. Group Chango has had quite an active week spent at Korimakao diving into the Cuban cultures of art, dance, music, and theater. With… Read More

    Blog from Havana

    Greetings from Chango! This crazy group of gringos took Cuba’s capital city in stride as we entered the third to last week of our travels. Our second week in Havana… Read More

    First week in Havana

    Greetings family, friends, and significant others! Week 8 has officially arrived and our next chapter begins in the beautiful colonial city of Havana. This week more than ever our misbegotten… Read More

    Viñales Week 2

    We started off the week with a literal bang when Katie’s migraine turned into a three day stay at the hospital after fainting at her Casa in Viñales. Luckily, Dr.… Read More

    Updates from Viñales

    Yes, it’s time for the weekly team Chango update. After a wild week of going with the punches for independent student travel, I think all of us were a bit… Read More

    Week four updates

    Hello family, friends, and all peoples who have come to this blog. It is I, Caden, your guide to all things about our tour of Cuba. Last week in our… Read More

    Updates from Cuba

    Dear parents, families, and friends of the Cuba group, Good news! I spoke with Michelle and Kevin this morning and they let me know that all is well. The hurricane… Read More