I like Turtles

Written By Ian & Eli Hola from Camaronal National Wildlife refuge! Ian and Eli reporting from the scenic Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We wrapped up our second week in Turrialba after 4 more Spanish classes. The group got their chef on as we had another cooking competition. On Sunday we planned meals and traded leftover foods between groups before going to the supermarket to get fresh ingredients. Ana and… Read More

More Cirenas & Reflections

Written By Audrey & Veronica Hola and happy Easter friends and family, For the majority of our second and final week at Cirenas, we continued to learn and physically experience permaculture. We spent the mornings helping out around the property with the full time employees. From an onlooker perspective, we were mostly sweating our butts off and desperately seeking shade. However, the work we did contribute to included: planting tomato,… Read More

Hola From Turrialba!

Written By Tyler & Cece Hola from Turrialba! We’re Tyler and Cece and we’re so excited to share with you some highlights from our two weeks in this beautiful place. Our first notable excursion was to The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE). We not only learned about many of the unique plants native to and present in Costa Rica, we also learned about CATIE’s mission and role… Read More

A Week In Chilamante

Written By Sasha Hey everyone, my name is Sasha and I will be reporting on the activities and places we’ve done this week (February 15th- February 23th). This week we were primarily stationed in the beautiful eco retreating Chilamante, Costa Rica until the 21st when we left for our next spot – Turrialba for language school. While at the resort our primary focuses were: nature and building connections with each… Read More

Bienvenidos A Costa Rica!

Written By: Mia At varying moments during the early morning hours of Wednesday, February the 11th, twelve intrepid young adults left their respective hometowns and everything they know to be familiar en route to Costa Rica. I, Mia Bluestein, happen to be one of those individuals. Our staggered departures gave way to staggered arrivals and and by the time we arrived in San Jose (in the second of three waves)… Read More

Safe Arrival in Costa Rica

Hello family and friends of the Spring ’21 Costa Rica group, I’m happy to report that the group has arrived safely to Costa Rica!  After getting some rest yesterday, they have settled in to the Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat, and today are focused on getting to know each other and the program and learning how to stay safe and healthy.  A highlight of today was playing together in the Sarapiqui… Read More

A taste of La Pura Vida

Hey Costa Rica Maya Crew and all who will be following and supporting us on this journey! With the excitement of our semester just around the corner we are feeling so grateful to have this opportunity to travel, learn, and grow together in the complexity of today’s world!   Thus we begin our journey by writing this first blog!  Although the students will be the usual voice on the blogs throughout… Read More