Our Week in Kampala and Volunteering with Edirisa U.K. at SNEC (Kitanga Primary School)

Hello There, Duncan here! So we just had an awesome week starting in Kampala and ending in Kabale. In Kampala the first night back from Rhino Fund Uganda, we saw a pretty cool open mic drumming/concert night at the National Theater. The next day Becca and Becky got some pretty sick looking dreadlocks, Fred, Lilly, Mia, Natalie, and myself went touring around the local market and visited the National Mosque.… Read More


Greetings from Kampala! Lilly here! This past week has been incredible. We went white water rafting on the Nile River last Monday and we all had a blast. We went on class 3 and 4 rapids. Nobody fell out and the raft did not tip over. We spent the night at Nile River Camp, which was very much like a resort. We got up early the next morning and took… Read More

Soft Power Education

Jambo everyone back home! Fred here with the weekly update (: The past week has been an incredible learning experience interacting with everyone at the Kalungami Primary School outside of Jinja Town. We worked very closely with Soft Power Education, a British organization with several programs ranging from school constructions to school refurbishment programs. We worked on the school refurbishment program and helped to paint an entire school building inside… Read More

Nkula’s first volunteer project

We’ve celebrated the completion of our 4-day in-country orientation and set out to travel overland through Uganda. Becky, our first team captain, and Mia, our transportation coordinator, blew our minds as they casually bargained for the best Matatu (taxi-bus) rates. They pretty much got us from doorstep to doorstep without even breaking a sweat….a HUGE accomplishment for two people who’ve only been in the country for 5 days! It’s hard… Read More

Scavenger Hunt in Entebbe

Hello from Uganda! We spent the day walking around the small town of Entebbe on the shores of Lake Victoria. There’s a bustling main road, but we still enjoyed a quiet afternoon at the botanical gardens yesterday. We found papaya and avocado at the market today, and plan to enjoy them with the group later. Thanks to some friendly locals, we managed to find most of our scavenger hunt items.… Read More

Getting Lost in Entebbe

Hey there! This is Mia and Fred checking in at the humble Internet Cafe located on the main strip of downtown Entebbe. Entebbe is located on a hill overlooking the peaceful Lake Victoria. Directly adjacent to the lake is the Botanical Garden filled with ancient trees, vibrant red flowers, termite hills, and hidden monkeys (which we didn’t get to see!!) Walking down the hill of the gardens leads you to… Read More

Duncan and Natalie Take Uganda !

Eladde! So Natalie and I are here in Entebbe Uganda on our scavenger hunt, kicking butt and taking names. We had an awesome lunch at a place called Faith’s Restaurant. We enjoyed some Matooke (savory plantain mash) and sauce. There was a sweet animal program playing on the TV and included a bit of Lake Victoria, which we went to yesterday! We’ve been staying at a hostel that is about… Read More

38 Hours of Continuous Travel…

We’ve arrived….finally!  After nearly 2 full days of travel we are all in Uganda!  Dan greeted us at the airport.  Lily and Duncan helped wrangle taxis to the hostel.  We stuffed our faces with rice and French fries.  Then half the group wandered around town while the other half hit the sack.  We slept through the night (kind of) and are now on the way to the Botanical Gardens to… Read More

Nkula has arrived in Uganda

Hello friends and family of the amazing Nkula group, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve heard from the group that they are settled into their hostel in Entebbe for the night.  They are a little tired from a long days of travel, but are otherwise feeling good and about to go to sleep for the night! Dan was at the airport to receive the group and has… Read More

NKULA has left the U.S. for Africa

Tutaonana Badaaye!  See you later in Kiswahili! Greta and all 7 students have rendezvoused at the JFK airport and are on the flight to East Africa via Johannesberg, South Africa!  Dan the other leader is already in Uganda and he will be waiting at the Entebbe airport with bells on to receive the group on the evening of September 18th. The group was all smiles and laughter as they left… Read More

Mambo vipi marafiki yangu!?!

What’s up my friends!?! Ever wanted to know how to say that in Kiswahili?  Well, now you know!  Let’s go make use of it in Mashariki! (East Africa) In our minds the adventure has already begun (have you gotten your immunizations yet?); so we thought it was time to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the Carpe family. If you haven’t put the pieces together yet, Dan and I are… Read More