Coda: Bear & Wolf

By Bear and Wolf Bear & Wolf were friends. Bear preferred blueberries, Wolf had a proclivity for meats and they both liked falafel.* Bear was powerfully strong and Wolf was… Read More


By Overseas Educators Matt and Michelle The dala dala bounced down the sandy dirt road heading from Matemwe to Stonetown. We were crammed and complete; facing one another on the… Read More

The Faces of Nkula

Photos and Story by Elle Nicholson 82 days at sea (well it felt like we were at sea). All trapped together on the boat of adventure going over every large… Read More


We made it to Zanzibar—finally! After another high-class night at EconoLodge (The Waldorf of Dar Es Salam), we moved in with our last home-stay families. Interesting internships arose, including a… Read More

Spice Tour Photos

Photos from Matt S. and Michelle N., the Nkula Overseas Educators! Zanzibar is famous for it’s spices. Our Nkula crew recently got to visit a local spice farm to learn… Read More

Safari in Ruaha

A safari through picturesque bush lands was the only way to end our time on mainland Tanzania. Ruaha National Park is a collection of conversations covering 40,000 square kilometers. It… Read More

Chakula Role Call

By Adele Early Monday morning we left on our journey to Mufindi, the town where the children’s village is. It was a long day of traveling on public buses and… Read More

Our Week in Ohana Amani

By Finn Witt Hi everyone! Our past week began with a grueling 10-hour bus ride through the foothills of southwest Tanzania. While the scenery and wildlife sightings were spectacular, the… Read More

Last Days in Uganda

By Ella Our last days in Uganda were spent on the gorgeous Lake Bunyoni. One dala dala ride from SNEC and we were at Edirisa (“The Window” in Rakiga, the… Read More