Kwa heri Kifaru

By Overseas Educators Mike and Ellen After a cancelled flight and a special bonus night in a posh hotel (courtesy of KLM airlines), the mighty Kifaru group has finally dispersed… Read More

Stone Town

By Lia and Cami After taking a ferry from Dar Es Salaam, we arrived in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The blue beaches, white sand, and labyrinth alleyways immediately drew us in.… Read More


By Hadley Hobbs We never thought we’d actually get this far in the trip but here we are…finished with our trek! After finishing up at SNEC we transferred to Lake… Read More

Shagala Bagala

By Darby and Cami We arrived in Iringa on the 17th to the craziness of the bus park where our attention was immediately pulled in all different directions. A few… Read More

Camping at Ohana Amani

By Deborah and Brad Greetings! We spent our last week camping at Ohana Amani, a holistic living education center outside of Njombe town, in Southwest Tanzania. At the center, we… Read More

Hello From Morogoro

By Emily and Lia After over 24 hours of traveling, we arrived safely in Africa! It’s REALLY hot here—sunny and beautiful every day! The bugs aren’t bad and it cools… Read More