Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted.. It’s hard to get internet here… especially since we didn’t have much access in Fort Portal. Well anyways… we’re back in Kampala after being in Fort Portal for a while. Fort Portal was beautiful. It was so green and it had the most amazing sky. We stayed at YES hostel (Youth Encouragement Services) hosted by Carol Adams, an American who… Read More


Hey everyone, Everything is great here, we are all having fun.As everyone else said before we just came back from Fort Portal which was fun and especially much more quiet.We now have a free day in Kampala before going to Jinja. Hopefully it will be fun as well.… Read More


hola a todos..ya estamos de vuelta en Kampala..todo fenomenal! anyways..were doing great so far..last night Kevin and i tried posting something we wrote but apparently something went wrong and it never really got posted! sorry about that.. anyways..we were sayiung that Fort Portal was amazing..part of the group got to work at Roses(one of the girls that worked for Carol Adams)house building a chiken coop and the other half of… Read More


This will be my first post on the group blog! Hello everyone! We are all so sorry for not being able to keep the blog updated so far. The internet access in Fort Portal was very sketchy and most of us didnt even get much of a chance to check our personal emails. Thank you Backpackers Hostel in Kampala for having GREAT internet connection! 😀 Africa is incredible. I really… Read More


Yesterday we left the beautiful fort portal and came back to the still beautiful but grungy kampala. While still in Fort Portal we got to see Eddie ( a friend of currys) graduation gear before him, his girlfriend Nadja, and Curry went off to his graduation. It was his last day at mountain of the moons university! needless to say we were proud. Thankyou so much mom for sending money!… Read More

We’re safe and sound in Kampala

Dear Parents, I apologize that your children have kept you in the dark for so long. Curry and I have asked them several times to update the blog, but for some reason they haven’t been able to do so yet. To be fair, long work days (building a cow shed and chicken coop for AIDS orphans), limited internet connections, and frequent power outages made updating the blog from Fort Portal… Read More

Let the Journey Begin

Well, it’s official, they’re together and ready! The group leaders just gave me a call and they have their full US-group is there! In about three hours they’ll be airborne and embarking on a journey of three-months and a thousand experiences. The group will be met in Amsterdam by the final two students, David and Andrea, and I hope to get another blog posted as soon as I’ve confirmed their… Read More

Get PSYCHED! Only 4 more days before we take off!

Welcome to the student-run site for Carpe Diem’s fall 2008 trip to East Africa! Curry and I, the fearless Program Leaders, have been busy here in Portland, OR training with the Carpe Diem staff and the 14 leaders in charge of the 7 trips headed to other parts of the globe. Among other things, we’ve been camping, completing Wilderness First Aid training, and finalizing details of the trip. We’ve also… Read More