Stonetown Magic

    The thing about Stonetown, Is you don’t realize you could know new flavors until you get here. Being here is like the sudden discovery of a new color; you think… Read More


    We spent the past week at the Special Needs Education Center (SNEC) up in the hills outside of Kabale, Uganda. The center is home to primary school-aged children with physical… Read More

    Lake Bunyoni

    Hills of green and skies of immense fluffy white clouds were the scene as we loaded up into our dugout canoes for our 3 day trek in lake Bunyoni. The… Read More


    Hello again! So much has happened since my last post…I don’t know where to begin. I guess I can start by saying that everything has been great so far! So… Read More


    Arriving in Africa has been very exciting, overwhelming and amazing. There are so many words I could use to describe the emotions and ideas I have thus far attached with… Read More

    Five Day Forecast

    Karibu, and greetings from Tanzania! My friend Aydan and I are currently sitting in an internet cafe in downtown Morogoro. We took a stroll around the city, browsed shops, and… Read More

    First Week

    Hujambo! We are currently on a scavenger hunt exploring the town of Morogoro in Tanzania! Yesterday we went on a walk/hike to a waterfall where we cooled off with some… Read More


    Greetings team Kifaru! Simon and Alison here, enjoying our last few days in Portland before takeoff to East Africa! We’ve been soaking up the warmth up here in Oregon as… Read More