How to Use Our Free Gap Year Planner 

Is this you?  You’re thinking about taking a gap year after high school or in college, so you start googling gap year ideas to find the best gap year programs, and what to do during your gap year to see what your options are.  Maybe you also take a look at the gap year travel programs on or, read program reviews, and talk with friends who’ve gone… Read More

Unexpected Lessons of a Gap Year

By Carpe Diem Education Alumni Breezy Zins On my first night back in America after a three-month-long journey through East Africa, I opened up my closet doors, looked at all the clothes I had – so many they all wouldn’t fit on hangers and had to be folded on shelves – and I cried. I’d seen such incredible poverty it seemed so unfair, so confusing, to have so many… Read More

Reverse Culture Shock After a Gap Year: 10 Ways Parents Can Help

As our groups return this week, we know families are excited to welcome students home and proud of all of their hard work over the past months. Taking a gap year is a transformative journey and you may think the experience is over: the truth is, some of the hardest work has just begun. As students grapple with reverse culture shock, it is important that they feel supported so… Read More

The Importance of Reverse Culture Shock: An Alumni Perspective

Photos and article by Carpe Diem Alumni Evangeline Scazzero If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already been poisoned. Poisoned by what your parents call “the travel bug,” what your friends call “you’re so lucky,” and what your college advisor will eventually call, “put down the study abroad pamphlets.” Full disclosure, I have also been poisoned. Yet here I am, still alive and well. I’ve survived it all.… Read More

Gap Year Advantages and Disadvantages

Thinking about taking a gap year after high school?  Or maybe you’ve started college and are wondering if participating in a college gap year program abroad is still something you want to do?  Perhaps you’re weighing your options between a gap travel program, gap year volunteering, gap semester programs or another experience, like study abroad?You’re not alone!  We meet students all the time who are interested in gap year… Read More

My Gap Year: 3 Students Share Their Gap Year Insights

Deciding to take a gap year after high school or during college is a big decision! That’s why we asked some of our gap semester program and Latitudes year alumni to share their experiences with you.    Introducing…Alex, Emily, and Patrick!    CDE: Hi, everyone! Let’s start with an easy question. In which gap program did you participate? Alex: Latitudes Year: South Pacific group semester, and FVP in San… Read More

Should I Take a Gap Year? : 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Transitioning to College

I was a high achiever in high school, I had a 4.0, IB diploma and I got into my first choice school in the Ivy League on the other side of the country. I didn’t think twice and I headed straight there without a doubt in my mind. Once I got there, however, I realized I had no idea what I wanted to major in, I wasn’t sure how to… Read More