Caramel Endings

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi As we've said throughout the semester…   Life is like a carton of caramels, you just have to guess which ones you will find inside.   We want to thank… Read More

Daintree Fun

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi Hello folks! For the past week we have been staying at Austrop in the beautiful Daintree Rainforest, where we have been involved in various rainforest conservation projects. Throughout the mornings… Read More


CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi Hello to our friends and family back home. You are now speaking to licensed PADI open water scuba divers! This week was spent in Cairns, australia's top diving location. Each… Read More

The Land Down Under

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi G'Day! Our trip down under began with a few days exploring Sydney. We wandered around the entire city, going to museums, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, China Town, art… Read More

In Australia!

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi A week ago we parted from our host families and Rabulu village with tears and heavy hearts but excited for the fun times ahead. This past week was our free… Read More

Bula Bula

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi   Bula! This past week in Rabulu Village was spent getting to know our host families and falling into the pace of village life. Some of us went horseback riding… Read More

Rabulu Village!

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi Bula friends and families! We have spent the last week in Rabulu (pronounced "Rambulu") Village living with host families and getting to know everyone in the village. Upon arrival on… Read More


CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi Bula! We safely arrived in Fiji after two very long days and two flights. We were warmly welcomed by a Fijian music trio in the airport before Fijian customs welcomed… Read More

The Family Farm

Blog_Header-Hongi Howdy Y'all, Hope everyone is doing great back in the States. Here in New Zealand we have been working hard on the Hart Family Farm. So far we have learned… Read More

From the Marae

Blog_Header-Hongi Kia Ora!   We made it from Christchurch to Rapaki, where we've been staying at the Marae! We started our very first day with the Profity ceremony, where we exchanged… Read More

And they’re off!

10946644_1595454977339194_1841866439_n Good evening family and friends, The Hongi group has all arrived safely to LAX and they are about to proceed through security and begin their adventure together.  We wish them… Read More

Kia Ora from Portland!

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi Hello Hongi Adventurers! Kevin and Angie here signing in from Portland! We've been preparing all kinds of awesomeness for our upcoming adventure in the South Pacific. We hope you're all… Read More

7 days later…

Blog_Header-Hongi   To all of our fuh-reeeeends: Hard to believe it was only a week ago that we were crowding around the Cairns airport, musing over Ben & Gabe’s freakish similarities… Read More