For the week following our time in Auckland, we stayed on a dairy farm seemingly equidistant from the small town of Otorohanga and the black sand beaches of Marokopa.  On… Read More


    Everyone has adjusted to farm life amazingly quickly.  Everyone has a different job everyday: Milkers are out of the house by 5am and heading down to heard the cows in… Read More

    Rabulu Village

    Bula! Looking back at our time in Rabulu Village I see the beauty of the simplicity in Village life. A small community of 72 houses full of people who welcomed… Read More

    Plunging In

    It is now our third day in Lautoka, our first stop of the semester. Our group all met in LAX without any issues and hit it off immediately, embracing our… Read More

    And they’re off!

    Greta and Dan have just called to announce they’re through security at LAX and doing great.  Though they’re the last to fly the coup, they’re one of the best to… Read More

    Hello FANZ Hongi, Meet your travel crew… Matt, Andrea, Krysten, Caroline, Alistair, Ruby, Francesca, Casey, Trent, Avery, Katherine, Dan and Greta. We may be strangers in cyber space right now,… Read More

    Learning to Fly

    There is nothing more unsettling to me than being surprised by a gigantic winged insect whilst visiting the restroom. On an average night, I would have responded with A. a… Read More

    Suki Power!

    Bula friends!For the past 2 weeks, we’ve been at a homestay in a small village called Nananu. We took a couple of buses from Nadi and were welcomed into the… Read More

    here in Fiji

    Bula!! Family and FriendsWe landed in Fiji on Thursday morning at 5:10am. During the first few days we’ve had been orientation, we have been getting to know each other through… Read More

    Fall FANZ Kick-Off

    Dear Fanz Hongi 2010 crew:  Dimitrios, Kyle, Nina, Laura, Alex, Nick, Alexandra, Greg, Michelle, Michael and Catherine. We hope you have been enjoying the last gasps of summer and are… Read More