I AM Grateful 2013

We want to thank everyone for an unforgettable journey through this land most commonly know as the Southwest U.S.A., whose true names go back far beyond our contemporary imagination and… Read More

Our Time in Nogales

At our visit to HEPAC (Home of Hope and Peace) we learned about border issues and the work that the organization is doing to stabilize and better life on the… Read More


When our group arrived at Zuni, we immediately went to the museum to meet with Jim Enote, the man whose land we were going to be staying on and who… Read More


Well it’s now almost November and the brief sleet storm which just hit us in Cornfields on the Diné (pronounced “Din-ay” and the more polite name for “Navajo”) Reservation is… Read More

Spongebob and Plaster

Long days of plastering where off set with plenty of laughs, experiments in food, and learning. Every day we build off the past, both figuratively and literally. Two weeks ago… Read More

Hopi Days

Here we are, already one week into our stay on Hopi land, and already it seems we have been here for a lot longer. Since arriving here a week ago… Read More

Back at the EcoRanch…

Here we are just outside of Flagstaff at the EcoRanch, directed by one Jeff Meilander.  The San Francisco peaks nearby have been our morning companions, being first touched by a… Read More

IAM Fall 2013 together at last!

The Indigenous America group has successfully united in Flagstaff!!!  Leaders, Benjamin and Angie, are together with Jane, Tom, Erich and Conner at the Flagstaff EcoRanch.  This thoughtful space is situated… Read More

Solo Journey

The sun begins its descent as saguaro cactus line the horizon. Ocatilla cactus extend their arms towards the sky while barrel cactus cradle the earth. Thorns will be your companions… Read More