End of semester

Greetings from our homes, As we read this we may be sitting back sharing stories of our time hiking to Machu Picchu, sleeping in later then we have for the… Read More

Hostel Livin’

By Tatum Nadherny Allllrriiggghhty then we got a lot to cover, so get comfy folks (and excuse the excessive use of parenthesis, there were a lot of plot holes that… Read More

Cosechas en Peguche

By Alexander Nemzek Greetings everyone, Picking up from where Audrey left off last week, we had one last day of fun in Morochos before heading to Peguche. In our last… Read More

Hola de Sudamerica!

By Addy, Alex, and Audrey We found a very neat building. Unfortunately, the computer will not let us upload photos. We are incredibly excited to be here in Quito and… Read More

Pollitos for the Win!

By Brynlee, Eliza, and Daphne Hola familia y amigos! Though we’re mid scavenger hunt it’s like we’ve already won, pollitos for the win!!! Unsurprisingly no one understands, it’s an inside… Read More

Scavenger Hunt

By Patrick, Ellen, and Sarah ¡Hello! My name is Patrick. I am in a group with Ellen and Sarah. We are on a scavenger hunt. I am writing this from… Read More

Let’s begin!

By Program Director Heather Vaught The Inti group is all together and ready to begin a phenomenal semester in South America! One of our students is already rocking a pair… Read More