My Final Blog

By Alex Combs Hello friends and family, this week I have the wonderful opportunity to write the final blog for the Spring 2018 semester. For our final week in South… Read More

On to Machu Picchu

This week we are located in a small town tucked in the Andes called Patacancha. It has around 400 residents and the main source of income is selling textiles made… Read More

Saludos de Peru!

By Isabella Spivey Saludos de Peru! Isabella here, to update you on our adventure from the past week. Our second to last day in Ecuador, we said a bittersweet farewell… Read More

Jungle Walking: A Photo Story

Semester birthdays. Working on the beach yoga thing. Harvesting wild ginger. Handmade birthday card for Audrey. Jungle walk attire. Bird watching. Roasting coffee beans. Roasting coffee beans. Pounding coffee pre-roasting.Read More

Bananas and Rice

By Alex Combs Hello Everybody, My name is Alex Combs and I am from Washington State. I am currently 18 years old and also a part of Carpe Diem Education’s… Read More

Safe arrival

Dear families and friends of the South America group, We just heard that the group arrived safely in Ecuador. They’ve collected their bags, made it through customs, and are getting… Read More

And they’re off!

Dear families and friends of the Spring ’18 South America group, We are happy to report that everyone has safely arrived in LA and the whole group is together for… Read More