Inti!: Patacancha blog

by Miki Lazowski Hello blog readers! Last Sunday morning, we finished packing our bags and had our last meals with our families in Ollantaytambo: a final breakfast. Goodbyes and see… Read More


Hola! This week we arrived in the beautiful, historic town of Ollantaytambo. After a few days of mental and physical relaxation provided to us in the form of the yoga… Read More

WAVES & Eco Yoga Inbound

By Matt Harmon Hola a mi Carpe Diem Familia! We started this week with WAVES (Water, Adventure, Voluntourism, Education & Sustainability) in Lobitos, and ended in Cusco with Eco Yoga… Read More

Arrival in Peru

By Naomi Garcia Monday morning in Junín. High energy breakfast. Why? Biscuits, jam, AND cream cheese! A simple sounding breakfast for us back in the States but such a delicacy… Read More


By Anya Cocowitch Hello Inti blog readers! This week we spent our time in Peguche, a small, artisan town right outside the city of Otavalo. We took Spanish classes all… Read More

Quito scavenger hunt

Hola this is Will, Josh, Dana, and Lauren checking in from the vast and beautiful city of Quito. Today on our scavenger hunt we traversed the narrow streets to the… Read More

Safe arrival

The South America group has arrived safely in Quito. They gathered their bags, have been picked up from the airport and are en route to their hostel. Once they arrive… Read More

The journey begins!

The SAM group is all together for the first time! They’ve all arrived safely to LAX, checked in for their flight to Ecuador and are getting ready to head through… Read More

Hola from Kate and Julian!

Saludos, Team Inti and loved ones! Greetings from Portland, Oregon, where the entire Carpe Diem Education Headquarters is buzzing with excitement in preparation for our adventurous fall semester in Ecuador… Read More


Blog from Matt and Rachel “We embark on trips to discover and remember what we hold most dear, the experiences and people we cherish and love. And then – our… Read More