Arajuno Jungle Lodge

By Karly Britt Hi friends and family! This past week, the group had the amazing opportunity to explore the Amazon! The week started with a boat ride down the Arajuno River, a tributary to the Amazon River, to our home for the week: the Arajuno Jungle Lodge. There, we met Tom Larson, AKA the coolest guy ever. Tom told us about all the work he has been doing to help… Read More

Becoming Part of an Ecuadorian Family

Hola familia! We spent this week in the beautiful city of Banos, a backpackers dream city full of opportunities for great food, extreme sports, relaxation, and good times. The group has enjoyed our homestays this week. We were able to become part of a real Ecuadorian family. We were treated like real daughters and sons, as we were served great meals and kindness. One of the most important things we… Read More

Our Stay at Finco Mono Verde

By Desi Casanova Hola from Baños, Ecuador! The group and I arrived here late last night after a long and tiring 10-hour van ride. Here we will spend a week learning more Spanish and diving deeper into the culture with our homestay families. I won’t give too much away; that’s for our next storyteller! I’m here to tell you all about our beautiful stay at Finco Mono Verde, a permaculture… Read More

Bananas and Rice

By Alex Combs Hello Everybody, My name is Alex Combs and I am from Washington State. I am currently 18 years old and also a part of Carpe Diem Education’s South American program. This week was full of memorable and extravagant adventures so I hope you are prepared for a decently-sized read. Over the past week, we have been staying in the coastal region of Ecuador more commonly known to… Read More

Safe arrival

Dear families and friends of the South America group, We just heard that the group arrived safely in Ecuador. They’ve collected their bags, made it through customs, and are getting ready to head to their hostel and begin their orientation. Everything is going well so far. Stay tuned for updates from the group – they will post updates about their orientation in Quito in the coming days. -Carpe Diem HQ… Read More

And they’re off!

Dear families and friends of the Spring ’18 South America group, We are happy to report that everyone has safely arrived in LA and the whole group is together for the first time! They just checked their bags and are getting ready to head through security. They are doing well and happy to be on their way. We’ll post another blog here when they arrive in Quito tomorrow morning. We… Read More

To Our Beloved Inti Family

By Overseas Educators Kate and Julian To our beloved Inti family! 12 weeks. Wow. It feels impossible to believe that adventure could ever fly by so quickly. It seems like in just a blink of an eye we have found ourselves in December, but in that blink we have come so far together and grown immeasurably both as individuals and as a group. Through the many laughs, tears, shared meals,… Read More

Salkantay and Program Closing

By Cole and Will Yo what’s up Inti fam. Wilaureneomichrisjulianyosh Colairmate Bridanachris here to give you the fill for the past week. It was the long-awaited Salkantay trek week, which in layman’s terms meant that starting Wednesday, we had 42 daunting miles staring at us in our out-of- shape, lazy bodies. To give some more context, the night before, we had met our two guides for the trek: Antonio, a… Read More

Student Directed Travel part 2

Hola familias!! Welcome to Part Two of Student Directed Travel!! We started off part two of the week by leaving the sleepy mountain community of Lares, loading up the van with all of our bags and snacks to prepare to for the long journey to Pisac. Ater a few snack stops at fruit markets and warm lunches of rice and lentils along the way, the car finally rumbled nto the… Read More

Student Directed Travel part 1

by Josh Krauss Welcome to Part One of Student Directed Travel. I’m your Uncle Josh, and I will be your spiritual guide for today’s blog. Our story begins after leaving Patacancha, when we went back through the windy road to ollantaytambo, where we would grab our bags and munch on alfajores, which is ranking up as the group’s favorite treat. After the two hour bus drive, we reached our destination… Read More

Inti!: Patacancha blog

by Miki Lazowski Hello blog readers! Last Sunday morning, we finished packing our bags and had our last meals with our families in Ollantaytambo: a final breakfast. Goodbyes and see you laters were exchanged and everyone met in the square. A few people left their big bags at Awamaki and packed in their day packs while others took their heavy big bags. At 9:00 AM, we loaded into a bus… Read More


Hola! This week we arrived in the beautiful, historic town of Ollantaytambo. After a few days of mental and physical relaxation provided to us in the form of the yoga retreat, it was time for a week of learning. On Sunday around 4 we arrived in the center of town to meet our host families. Upon arrival, the group took a moment to look around at the scenery beyond the… Read More