Kenya Harlem Shake

    Kendall made this little video and it has already received more than 2500 views and a tv station wrote wanting to show the video and donate money to the project.… Read More

    Kendall from Kenya

    Hey everyone! I am currently in Ngong, Kenya. Ngong is a small working class community, 30 minutes outside of the capital, Nairobi. It’s still hard to believe that I am… Read More

    Bolivia and Peru

    Hey Guys! Its Andy Piper here from Cusco Peru!! I am currently into my second placement in Latitudes and am loving it. But first a description of what exactly I… Read More

    Hello and welcome to the Latitudes blog! This is a space for you all to share stories from your internships with each other, your families, and the Carpe Diem family.… Read More