Photos and update from Madison in Senegal!

 As my trip is tipping toward the half way mark, Im amazed by how quickly time has passed. In the last month and a half I have met people and have had experiences that will have a lasting effect on my life. Im continually attempting to make sense of the passed events I have witnessed while volunteering with Maison de la Gare. Ive come to the realization that it… Read More

Hola from Cali, Colombia! Que mas?

As I write this, I am sitting on my terrace enjoying the humming of birds and the thick jungle that surrounds the property. Can life get much better?! I have now been living here for a little bit more than a month, and can honestly say it’s been one of the most (if not THE) most profound, beautiful and transformative experiences of my life. It seems with every day that… Read More

“Primo Ultimo Settimattina”

As the week later became sunny, the snow ceased to fall and the weekend approached for much needed to rest from taking in the rapid immersion of the Italian culture, language, new duties at my placement, finishing a number of bicycle tour projects, the jet lag and making myself at home. I looked forward to getting some extra sleep. Or so I thought. (Little did I know I was going… Read More

Hello from Sri Lanka!!

Update from Brooklynn Conner   Bend, Oregon!   Hello all from hot, humid, green, and gorgeous Sri Lanka. I am one month in to my three month stay at Millennium Elephant Foundation, in Kegalle Sri Lanka. After a few days of adjusting to a 13 1/2 hour time difference my time here has really flown by. I am one of about 15 other volunteers, one being a fellow Carpe student Kaila… Read More

Lions and Tigers, and Galapagos Toroises, OH MY!

Hola, Buenos Tardes from Guayabillas, Ibarra, Ecuador!!! Just a quick update from Regina Huston, from Indianapolis, IN! Guayabillas is a resue center for many wild animals. They take in animals that have been kept in horrible conditions, injured, or simply need a new and better home. Without government funding, they function soley off of donations from multiple people and organizations, which also includes volunteer donations.  Volunteers stay either with a… Read More

Miranda reporting from Quito

Life has become a smorgasbord of inconsistencies of late.  I get up early and talk to my homestay family, meet up with the other volunteers, and take a rickety bus through the south side of Quito to one of twelve markets where we work with the organization UBECI – United to Benefit Ecuadorian Children.   The markets are loud and hot and it’s not surprising to see dead animals, live… Read More

Arriba, arriba y lejos! Y en las nubes vamos!!

I am writing from gorgeous, beautiful, sunny, amazing Monteverde. When I arrived from San Jose it was the most beautiful drive up the mountain to Monteverde. Let me start at the beginning, when I flew into San Jose I was fairly jet-lagged from flying in from Germany and hadn’t made any arrangements for transportation up the mountain to Monteverde or a place to stay in San Jose. Needless to say… Read More

“Ciao! Mi arriiverato en Italia. Primi Journo.” (Hey! I arrived in Italy. First days.)

Upon landing in the Bologna International Airport, I was greeted by my advisor, Monica, for my placement at Experience Plus! Cycling, in Forli’. The sun had just set and I felt as though I was walking right into the unknown wonders of Italy. Peculiar alleys, farms and towns zoomed past me while on the auto strada (highway). In the long stretch from Bologna to Forli’, I finally arrived. Even then,… Read More

Greetings from NICA!

I sit in the weathered rocking chair resting on the front porch of my Mellow Yellow Nicaraguan abode, gleaming at the brightly colored flowers and trees that reside in the garden. My attempts of wrapping my head around the fact that it has already been a month here runs parallel with my attempts at wrapping tamales. A place that was once new and foreign so quickly transformed into my home… Read More

Lily from Troncones, Mexico

Lily here- writing from sunny beautiful Troncones Mexico. Troncones is a small beach town in the state of Guerrero Mexico situated on the Pacific Coast. I am living in an apartment and working with the community in anything I can get involved in. My contact here in Troncones in Present Moment Retreat- a yoga and meditation retreat center. My learning here started immediately in the schooling of Mexican Time; a… Read More

Bonjour from Madison in Senegal

Bonjour! I’m currently living in Saint Louis; a small town located in northern Senegal. I have been here for two weeks and already feel at home. I have fallen in love with my host family. I’m living with my mom, dad, brother and sister (who are both in there upper 20’s), two young cousins, and housekeeper. As I first arrived it was difficult to determine who was actually a part… Read More

Gurra Nu from Ghana!

So I’ve been here for a little over two weeks and wow, talk about a culture shock. It’s hard to see, but feels amazing to be able to help out here. I live 4 hours out of Accra, the capital of Ghana, in a village called Atorkor. Don’t bother looking it up on Google Maps because it isn’t there. My little village sits on the coast and I can literally… Read More

Kendall from Kenya

Hey everyone! I am currently in Ngong, Kenya. Ngong is a small working class community, 30 minutes outside of the capital, Nairobi. It’s still hard to believe that I am actually in Africa. Six months ago, I made the extremely tough decision to take a gap year. Like all Carpe Diem students I had mixed emotions. I was super excited, nervous, and had no idea what to really expect. I… Read More

The first post from Sienna in Thailand!

I’m on my second day at the Baan Yuu Suk Shelter and I love it so, so much!! The people here are so wonderful–there are two American staff members and one British woman, and all the volunteers are American save for one Canadian. The rest of the staff, including the founder of COSA, Mickey, are Thai. They were so welcoming and amazingly nice. Meeting the girls was also incredible–they are… Read More

From the Healing House, in Cusco Peru!

Hello all! I am in Cusco, Peru working and living at a Healing House. I spent about a week and a half in Lima staying at the sister house of the Healing House, which is Art House Lima.  I was staying with a fantastic Peruvian family very near the ocean.  I got to see some local music, a water and light show, go to a BioFeria, and partake in fire… Read More

Safe travels, Buen Viaje, Safari Njema, Subh Yatra, Kia pai te haere, Bon Voyage

The first 7 of our cohort of 25 Latitudes students have already begun their placements in the far off corners of the earth!  So far we have students in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda….doing different projects ranging from farming to yoga to working with kids in the slums of Kenya.  Pretty amazing opportunities that these students have taken on. And though the skies here in Portland are… Read More
Dear Carpe Diem Students and Parents, It’s just a few more days until all our to-be travelers and Overseas Educators will be departing for destinations across the globe. We have been busy preparing the OE’s over the last two weeks while getting all the last minute preparations finished! We are all feeling really great and ready to embark on the myriad journeys that will take place over the next 3… Read More

Ben Burns in the Peruvian Amazon with Camino Verde

Take the twelve hour bus ride from Cusco to the small city of Puerto Maldonado, a semblance of concrete and shades of green — a town founded during the early 20th century Amazonian rubber boom, now in crescendo to industrialization and a rise in eco-tourism. Settled at the convergence of the Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers, streets full of bustling motorcycles and loudspeakers selling bread and aguaje are the… Read More