Good Luck Latitudes Students!

Training is a wrap! Safe travels to all the Latitudes Year students as they head off to volunteer with organizations working in wildlife & marine conservation, environmental justice, community development, human rights protection, sustainable tourism and many more. The group of 28 students will be spread across placements in Thailand (3), Indonesia (2), Sri Lanka (1), Cambodia (1), New Zealand (2), South Africa (5), Namibia (1), Kenya (1), Argentina (2),… Read More

Latitudes Training is Underway!

Greetings Latitudes families and friends! We wanted to report that our cohort of 27 Latitudes students have arrived to Portland safely and have made their way to Camp Angelos. We have spent our first evening getting to know one another, looking back at everyone’s group semester, as well as beginning to look ahead and set goals for the upcoming semester. Not to mention a delicious dinner and fire to sit… Read More

Teaching in Guatemala

Written By Sarah, Latitudes ’19 Guatemala I had a really hard time deciding where I wanted to go on my latitudes semester, so much so I almost backed out of it entirely, but I’m so glad I didn’t. For the last two and a half months I have been living in Chimaltenango, Guatemala working with a ministry called One Way Community which offers extra classes after school. We have kids… Read More

Yogic Studies In Cambodia

Written By Sophie, Latitudes ’19 Cambodia About three months ago I hopped on a plane for twenty-seven hours and eventually found myself in the tiny coastal community of Kep, Cambodia. Even though I was quite literally as far from New York as I could be, arriving in Kep and arriving at Vagabond Temple felt like I was arriving home. From the beginning, everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I… Read More

Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Written By Shelby, Latitudes ’19 Belize My first night at Wildtracks in Belize was rough. I called my parents, tears streaming down my face, and begged them to book me a flight home as soon as possible. I was convinced I had made the wrong decision because it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Not to mention, a live mouse and a cockroach were living in the mosquito net… Read More

Life Decisions

Written By Camille, Latitudes ’19 Belize I am a horrible decision maker. I have a tendency to over think everything, minute or not, and am a definite worrier by nature. This little factoid about myself, as you might imagine, made picking a latitudes placement one hell of a ride. The moment I signed onto Carpe Diem I started sifting through years of blogs by previous latitudes students and researching the… Read More

Living and Working with Dreamcatchers

Written By Josh, Latitudes ’19 South Africa The past 3 months in South Africa have been some of the quickest but most memorable days of my life. I spent my time there doing amazing work with a program called Dreamcatchers, that has been working tirelessly to improve the community of Melkhoutfountein in any way that they can. Every day I was doing something different, some of it was hard but… Read More

Sharks Don’t Jump Because They Don’t Have Knees

Written By Madeleine, Latitudes ’19 South Africa A life changing volunteer experience in a place where everybody knows your name is what the two-and-a-half months I spent in Gansbaai was. There is no “typical” day working for Marine Dynamics. You can expect anything from having to leave a lecture early to collect dead sharks off the beach then having to ride on top of them in the back of a… Read More

My Life With Manatees

Written By Reid, Latitudes ’19 Belize My time at Wildtracks Belize has been amazing. It has been everything I thought it was. I wake up every morning at 6 AM, change into my wet clothes, and prepare to feed our seven manatees. I begin with making the formula they drink every day, which is pretty much a banana smoothie. Then we have the frames we put sea grass in that… Read More

Pura Vida Mae!

Written By Lexie, Latitudes ’19 Costa Rica Greetings from the Rich Coast! These past 3 months I’ve had the privilege of being a wildlife sanctuary intern at Kids Saving the Rainforest! Kids Saving the Rainforest is an organization founded in 1999 to plant trees in depleted areas of the country, and to rescue, rehabilitate and, when possible, release the animals who live in the rainforest. My day to day life… Read More

The Galapagos Islands

Written By Patrick, Latitudes ’19 Galapagos I spent 8 weeks on a sustainable organic farm in the Galapagos called Huerta Luna or The Bamboo House as the locals would say. The whole land is about the size of a football field and is located on the island of Santa Cruz. This includes a small farm surrounded by a natural forest, as well as the house I lived in and my… Read More

GOD (why am I here)

Written By Veda, Latitudes ’19 Peru Peru called me, that’s why I’m here. Peru called you, there’s a reason you’re here. That’s what I reminded myself through the hardest moments of my placement at the Eco Yoga Ashram in the sacred valley. And the hard times were some of the most difficult I’ve ever had to go through. But it’s true, and so incredibly hard to deny—Peru wanted me here… Read More

Mi Vida en Costa Rica

Written By Isabel, Latitudes ’19 Costa Rica Hola Chicitos! Hace 2 meses que estoy aquí en Costa Rica… Que loco! Time flies, let me tell you. I am located on a peninsula on the Pacific cost of the small, but beautiful country of Costa Rica. Approximately 5 hours from San Jose. Secluded from normal civilization, I am at an organization called CIRENAS. A 3 hour walk to Santa Teresa, a… Read More

Teaching Monks in Cambodia

Written By Kaylee, Latitudes ’19 Cambodia Throughout my effervescent bunch of weeks living in Kep, Cambodia, I have truly learned more about myself in these last three months than I have in my whole 19 years of living. My volunteer opportunities consist of me teaching English, spending time with a local family, and introducing/teaching some fun artsy craft workshops into the Vagabond Temple community. I feel honored to be able… Read More

Marine Conservation, Koh Phangan

Written By Owen, Latitudes ’19 Thailand A typical day here on Koh Phangan starts with a scramble for a cup of coffee when I wake up at 8:50 for a 9ish morning dive briefing. The briefing usually lasts 20-25 minutes, and from there we head to the backyard to set up our gear for the dive, and finish any small group/buddy team preparations for the dive, things like setting up… Read More

FVP In South Africa

Written By Charlotte, Latitudes ’19 South Africa People can tell you over and over that working with animals is more grueling than glamorous but you’ll never really understand until you try it yourself. The past 2 months have been filled with adventures, beautiful beaches, friendship, sweat, tears, and most importantly: monkey poo. I’m so happy that I’ve chosen to volunteer for C.R.O.W. here in South Africa. The days are long… Read More

Life in Peru

Written By Emily, Latitudes ’19 Peru How do I sum up my time in Peru so far? I would use the words: challenging, friendly, beautiful, exciting, adventurous, hard, relaxed, and unexpected. I have been volunteering with Amamaki, a non-profit based in Ollantaytambo, Peru for about two months now. Their purpose is to help empower indigenous Andean women and lift them out of poverty by helping them gain financial independence using… Read More

Animal Conservation In Belize

Written By Asia, Latitudes ’19 Belize Since I’ve arrived at Wildtracks in Sarteneja, Belize my life has changed so much from my usual everyday. I used to refute change, thinking my routine and things around me needed to be a constant, but as my journey continues, I have learned that change can lead to possibilities I never knew I had. I’ve learned to go after what I want despite any… Read More

Experiencing South Africa

Written By Latrell, Latitudes ’19 South Africa For the past month and a half Josh and I have been immersed into the South African culture. Our Journey began in Johannesburg by exploring many of the museums and learning about the rich history of this storied country. We visited Constitution Hill, where Nelson Mandela and many of the main people who tore down the apartheid system were arrested. If I had… Read More