More Photos from Orientation

So much gratitude to our wonderful Latitudes Alumni Leaders, Erin & Colleen, for not only being phenomenal support for our students but also taking these great pictures! As we get… Read More

And They’re Off…

Today is the day! Our 2016-2017 Latitudes cohort heads off into the world for their focused volunteer placements. Our orientation ended with shared wisdom, hugs, and laughter during our closing… Read More

Fall in Scotland

Blog from Alanna T Hello to everyone who is reading this latitudes blog post! While most students have their group semester in the fall and their latitudes semester in the… Read More

Bird Loving in South Africa

During the process of completing my FVP, I think I have become the ultimate mother figure. Well…A mother figure to about fifteen to twenty (depending on the day), screaming, filthy… Read More

Safey Stop

Hello all! I’m checking in here from Koh Tao, a small island off the coast of Thailand where the sun is hot and the water is blue. I am here… Read More

Abriendo Mentes!

Hot dirt brushes along steaming pavement, dogs pant, sweaty children play, the devious sun beats relentlessly down on anything brave enough not to seek shade. I hide out in the… Read More

Foxes’ NGO – Mufindi

Five incredible weeks at Foxes’ NGO, and I’m still not sure exactly what label to give the organization where I’m working – besides “NGO”. It’s non-governmental, sure, but it’s a… Read More


Hello world and welcome to another post of the cool side of the blog. your host Valiant Val! As you know, and actually as you probably don’t know Valencio is… Read More

Mangos and Monkeys

Project Bona Fide. Permaculture farm on a volcano, on an island, in a lake, in the heart of the tropics. Imagine one of those early fly over scenes from Jurassic… Read More

Dolphins in WA!

Giddy from down unda’! It’s been six weeks since I arrived in Bunbury, Western Australia, (aka “The Dolphin City”), and I can’t believe how fast the time is passing. I’ve… Read More