HEY! Sup? we´re in Costa Rica! We spent the last week in beautiful San Juan Del Sur, at Playa Madera. We stayed at a sweet ec0-art hostel called Parque Maderas, which is owned and run by Tyler, Ethan´s childhood friend. Tyler´s dream was to build the hostel right on the ocean and it is one of the coolest places that we have been so far. We felt really at home… Read More

Free Travel!

¡Hola familias! Many apologies for the delay in updates. Free travel was a great experience for all of us as we chose what adventures to embark on, whether it was chilling by beautiful natural springs, or speeding down a volcano on a sled! We started the week off with an extra day in León, three of us attending an extra day of Spanish school while the rest headed to the… Read More


Hola Friends and Family- Last week we all arrived safetly in Nicaragua after a long and tiring day of traveling.  We were quickly greeted at the airport by Rolando, the director of our new spanish school. After a 2 hr bus ride into Leon we were dropped off in pairs for our new and final homestays! The next day we jumped right into school, half the group in the mornings… Read More

Hello Americans

  Greetings from Nicaragua! Since our last post we have been supa busy. From Coban we took a looong shuttle ride, an unexpected boat ride across a flooded city, and one more shuttle before arriving in the city of Flores on the coast of lake Peten Itza. We almost immediatley crashed for the night in a funky, hip hostal.  In the morning we took a nice little boat ride across… Read More

Semuc Champey

So we got an early start on our trip to semuc champey. We had to catch the bus around 8 am and would have almost missed it if it werent for the help of our friendly local Tigo Van. After a couple blocks crammed in the back of the van and enjoying some bumping music, we made it to the bus station to head off for another adventure. After just… Read More


We just finished up a week at San Marcos filled with some awesome learning activities and for many a spiritual self discovery. However our final days in San Marcos saw endless tropical rains that prolonged our stay and probably drove a few of us over the edge with cabin fever. The rains caused numerous landslides on some major roads that prevented us from finding a reliable way out and leaving… Read More

Part III

Good news: We all made it through the trek alive! Even the crew members of the metaphorical ¨sinking row boat¨ (Mariya, Abbie, Callie…) On the first day we walked from dawn till dusk, and beyond. Night-hiking through foggy jungles with our headlamps was fun, however crossing over a raging river via two ¨bridges¨ consisting of a few unsteady logs was not. To depict how confident of the bridges we were:… Read More

Adventures of las Ardillas!

At long last pictures are here! Special thanks to Kristen for being the photographer. Jacob, Turner and Bjorn in their tradional clothing. The group before we ventured up Volcano St. Thomas The group in Pasac before we danced the night away! The mines at San Mcguel, post mountain top removal Abbie, Kristen, Amanada with the lovely nurses who dignosed us. The mob Kristin encountered after the futball game. GO XELA!… Read More

CAM (Maya) Blog 2

Whatup families, friends, and creepers. Just a quick update of what we´ve been up to! We finished strong in Pasac after after surviving the trek up the volcano Pecul and serving our last day dancing in the Quitche traditional attire. It was a wonderful experience and we have definitly learned to appreciate basic luxaries. We spent one night with the Rights Action group in San McGuel. This is where we… Read More

Chapter 1

HOLA AMIGOS Y FAMILIAS! We are all having so much fun with our new Carpe Diem family, whom it seems like we have known for much more than just one week! We started our adventure in Antigua staying at the beautiful Earth Lodge, and exploring the city. The food at the Earth Lodge was AMAZING, we were spoiled compared to what we are sure is to come during the rest… Read More
Somehow, with more than 6 billion people in the world, we’ve managed to bring together THIS particular group of students and staff … from all corners of the country.  It’s really quite a remarkable thing if thought about in such a manner. The group is officially together at the San Francisco airport … rearing to go in a few short hours, and this journey is about ready to begin! May… Read More

La Invitación…

Hola Aimig@s, Amandita and Benjamin here at the Carpe Diem office in Portland, OR, sending salutations and good thoughts to you all.  The more we prepare for this trip the more excited we become to meet you all and begin exploring Central America together. It is only a few days that we will introduce ourselves at the SFO airport face to face, forming our own unique band of travelers.  Shortly… Read More

Final Goodbye Part 2

So, after further consideration, we thought it might be appropriate to tell you a little more about our experience in Central America. As we sat and looked out at the ocean over dinner last night reminiscing about the time we spent together hysterically laughing, pushing buses through flooded rivers, living with various Central American families, and braving horrifying outhouses we realized how much we have grown and learned from each… Read More

Final Goodbye

p, pre {margin: 0;}input.blogger-ie-hack {position: absolute; left: -9999px;}hr.more {border-width:1px 0 0 0; border-style:dashed; border-color: #666; height: 8px; background:#ddd}table.tr-caption-container {padding: 6px; margin-bottom: .5em} td.tr-caption {font-size: 80%; padding-top: 4px} img {cursor: move} Fortunately for all of you we, Sarah and Katrina, are the group’s final bloggers. Since we have spent the entire trip fantasizing about all the food that would be available to us when we get home and have been food vacuum… Read More

Roatan Baby!… But We Ain’t Rowin’ yet!

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your dive instructor tells you it’s time to take off your mask, especially when you know there’s a four foot barracuda circling the group… Scuba Diving is intense, some would say (and by that I mean Shayna sitting next to me) horrifying, but ultimately it is the feeling of experiencing a whole new underwater world.  We… Read More

Save the Baby Turtles

This is Lillie and Rebecca signing in after a week in Playa Hermosa with the adorable tortugitas. When we arrived at Punta Judas, finding enough beds for everyone was our first challenge, but after the initial confusion we all found a place to rest our heads and enjoyed a delicious meal.  The first day of work found the group in an all too familiar situation of moving dirt as we… Read More

Carpe Diem Presents Whitney and Will’s Wonderful Words of Wisdom

Hi, Whitney and Will here. We’re Wonderfully happy, and We made it to Costa Rica! But lets reWind the clock back to Granada.Granada Was an aWesome, but very touristy, city. We Went ziplining Which Was Wicked fun. Whoever Wanted could go upside down, and superman style Which Was Wonderful! We also recieved free coffee Which We doWned because it Was Wonderfully delicious. We also Went to Masaya, an artisans market Where… Read More
The clock is ticking and grupo maya is not wasting anytime. This radical group of motivated young adults have just made yet another transition. It is no secret that many of us left our hearts in san juan del sur either in the waves, the welcoming community, or parque maderas (a center for art, ecology, sustainability and natural medicine) itself. Its mary and hannah reporting here from our shnazy hostel… Read More