It’s Been Lit!

By Overseas Educators Julian and Hannah 24 MINIBUSES 10 PICKUPS 8 BUSES PÚBLICOS 6 AVIONES 4 LANCHAS That’s right y’all. We moved around a lot this semester. As a group, we tackled four countries and worked with 11 unique partner organizations. From the early days of scavenger hunting around Xela to taking giant strides off the back of the dive boat in Roatán, it’s been quite a journey. We could… Read More

Scuba School and Night Diving in Roatan

By Talia After some wild travel days, we finally made it to Roatan, Honduras for a week full of diving in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. We spent the week diving with West End Divers, coincidentally located on the West End of Roatan. The West End, also known as gringo paradise, is flooded with restaurants, souvenir shops, dive spots and a perfect beach. The end goal of this week was to… Read More

Pura Patrolling

By Siobhan Herr We arrived at Playa Nombre de Jesus excited and antsy after our long travel day. With the ocean in mind, we quickly put on our bathing suits to swim in the turquoise water. Hanna, Maddie, Annie, and Paige found and explored a cave, while myself, Kaitlin, Juliette, and Talia worked on evening out some farmer’s tan lines. Each night we assisted the Kuemar staff in patrolling two… Read More

Casa de Tortugas

On Friday, we were given the opportunity to harvest, process, cook and eat farm fresh fruits — the most memorable of which was the jackfruit. After our field team harvested the fruit (which really consisted of catching a 20-pound spike ball that one of the farm workers, Levis, climbed a tree to drop on us), Siobhan spearheaded the processing, which consisted of tearing open the jackfruit and collecting the seeds… Read More

Bona Fide-Bound!

By Chloe Steffes Hola todos! In the final weeks of our Nicaraguan journey, the Carpe group has really been both absorbing and adapting to nature all around us. We have even taken it so far as to live a more “rustic” lifestyle as we approach the end of our trip. Our week began with a well thought out hike planned by Annie on Mombacho. After bussing up the majority of… Read More

Stop. Drop. Travel.

By Kaitlin Emmett Recharged from early bedtimes and delicious food cooked by our homestay mothers, we finished the week out strong installing a composting septic tank at Chloe’s homestay. We also played more soccer with local players who significantly surpassed our skill level. While Talia, Hannah, and a few others were able to hold their own, the rest of us supported them from the sidelines and Paige snapped some killer… Read More

“I never thought digging holes could be this fun!”

By Annie Our week and a half at Colibri Spanish School came to a close with some final juegos and all of us attempting to absorb our last formal Spanish lessons of the trip. We said goodbyes and thank yous to the amazing teachers, excited for one last weekend in Matagalpa. As it is Good Friday, the main cathedral off of Morazan Park was hosting a special annual service and… Read More

Matagalpa Memories

Classrooms for the week!Cooking class!Elliot stirring homemade honey.Cooking class.Annie getting ready to fry up our pastries.The finished product.Grace roasts fresh coffee beans.Talia enjoying the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.Ready for the next coffee tasting.How we make “bio” gas!Composting toilet.Vista from the Spanish School.Read More

Escuela de Español Colibrí

By Maddie Cloran Hola! Greetings once again from Escuela de Español Colibrí! It’s been a Spanish-practicing, organic, activity-filled week at school and we have been having so much fun continuing to explore the city of Matagalpa. Here at the school, we’ve been practicing our Spanish skills while immersing ourselves in the Nicaraguan culture. Every day this week after class and a lovely home-cooked lunch, we participated in an activity to… Read More

Leaving Guatemala with a Bang

By Juliette Clem Hola friends + family of Maya! Greetings from El Paredon, Guatemala. This past week has been packed full of so many fun and interesting activities that I thought the best way to share them would be through a collection of photos. I hope you enjoy! We started our week in Antigua, where we had our first student-directed travel time so we got to choose our activities, which… Read More

“That was the best silent om I’ve ever heard!”

By Angelo Accus Our journey to Lake Atítlan began with Talia being a team player and using her Level: 100 finesse skills to talk down our boat driver from 500 quetzales to 280 quetzales. Talia truly raised the bar for the Transporte position. We then glided across the sparkly blue-green Lake Atítlan, which smelled much cleaner than we had anticipated. Many of the Maya group members took photos as the… Read More

Homestays, Salsa Lessons & Lagoon Hiking in Xela

By Paige Harris Buenos dias from Xela! We’ve had a very busy week learning Spanish and continuing to immerse ourselves in Guatemalan culture. Prior to our departure from La Escuela de la Montaña, we had the unique opportunity to tour La Florida, a cooperatively owned, self-sustaining permaculture farm. Our guide led us around the plots of land owned by various local families, pointing out bananas, macadamia nuts, cacao, and the… Read More

Kicking off our Journeys in Central America!

By Hanna McKee ¡Hola Tod@s! This week kicked off the official start of our three-month journey in Central America! After spending our first few nights in a beautiful hostel in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala, getting to know each other and the itinerary, we loaded ourselves into a minibus, said goodbye to our brief home-away-from-home, and made the trek to our first destination. The car ride was filled with nervous hearts, a… Read More

Scavenger hunt blog: Smells

Walking through Xela, there are so many different and unique smells. From delicious street food to the dry herbs in the market. But not all of the smells here are ones to be sought out. Walking through the streets, the unfortunate odor of garbage and gasoline is extremely prevalent. Luckily enough the hostel we are staying in is usually filled with the aromas of cleaning fluids and basil. But, if… Read More

Scavenger hunt blog: Sounds

The sounds in Xela have been both familiar and foreign to us thus far! We have heard things like cars, food cooking at a street food stand, and people conversing with each other. We have heard some new things, like people speaking in Spanish with one another and new music. Some of our favorites have been children laughing, tacos simmering, music we have shared, and the voices of those in… Read More

Scavenger hunt blog: Sight

We have seen so many amazing sights this week! When we were first flying in, those lucky enough to get window seats were treated to a bird’s eye view of Guatemala city. The sights continued as we piled into a minibus and began the long, winding trip up to Xela. We passed acres upon acres of farmland, most of which were barren for the winter. As the bus navigated perilously… Read More

Scavenger hunt blog: Taste

On the first night we ate some delicious Thai salads with a wonderful peanut butter dressing. However, our favorite meal was today when we ate scrumptious tacos filled with chicken and peppers on tortillas with lentils and guacamole on the side. For a drink today we had some fresh papaya juice the after taste was a little odd. The best drink we had so far was this magnificent lime and… Read More