By Rachel and Sarah First week in Costa Rica! We had a pleasant early morning flight last Sunday and a short bus ride to the city of Turrialba. Meeting our host families created some anxiety as always but has greatly paid off this week. We feel we have made great connections with this group of people! We began our last week of Spanish school on Monday and we feel our… Read More

Flores Adventures

By Sarah and Madeleine Howdy from your southern belles, Sarah and Madeleine! We arrived in Flores Wednesday and met our contact Deiter who gave us some introductory information about Flores and the week ahead, then had free time. Some of us swam across the lake while others enjoyed immersing themselves in local culture by eating at Pollo Campero. On Thursday we toured the Yaxha ruins and camped overnight in tents.… Read More

La Choza Chula

By Nico & Sophie Hey everyone! We just finished up a beautiful week on the beach in the small village of El Paredon. We spent our time with an organization called La Choza Chula, a social enterprise focused on providing educational resources to the people of El Paredon. Throughout our time there, we participated in a variety of workshops based on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This included… Read More

Our Spanish is Improving!

By Sailor and Daniel Hola! This Sunday we arrived at the mountain school in Fatima and Nuevo San Jose. Fatima is a community of ex-finca (plantation) workers, who were displaced by the unfair treatment of the finca owners. The people of Fatima lie on 20×20 meter plots of land, in houses composed mainly of cinderblock, wood, and sheet metal. We have been eating three meals a day with our homestay… Read More

Desayuno Típico

By Rachel, Madeleine, and Harrison Hola! Aqui en Xela! We are happily cruising around in the Independence Day celebrations. Last night we walked around in the city square and watched fireworks! The city of Xela is very busy and people are happy to greet us as we walk by. We have had many good meals, mostly Asian food and we are eating at an Asian cafe. Lucky for us this… Read More

Exploring Xela

By Daniel, Kaylee, and Asia Hola Amigos! We started our day with a traditional Guatemalan breakfast, which included scrambled eggs, avocado, fried plantains, and black beans. Muy delicioso! From there, we split into four groups and began our city-wide scavenger hunt. We have done such things as asking locals questions about Guatemala, purchased strange new fruit, taken pictures with many locals, and visited several local shops. We ate traditional Xelan… Read More

There is a Bug on my Ice Cream

By Sarah, Ethan, and Sophie Ethan, Sophie, and I (Sarah) are in POPs getting ice cream. Ethan and Sophie practiced their Spanish while ordering. We did a scavenger hunt throughout the city but didn’t get to complete everything because we couldn’t find an internet café that was open. A lot of the stores are closed for Independence Day today. Part of our scavenger hunt was doing a random act of… Read More

Vamos a Empezar

By Overseas Educators Brian & Ellen Bienvenidos a la familia de Maya! We are super excited to embark upon our semester in Central America with you all! It is hard to believe that we will be leaving on our adventure together in a few short days! We have had the chance to communicate with all of you over the phone and are looking forward to our meet up in person… Read More

It’s Been Lit!

By Overseas Educators Julian and Hannah 24 MINIBUSES 10 PICKUPS 8 BUSES PÚBLICOS 6 AVIONES 4 LANCHAS That’s right y’all. We moved around a lot this semester. As a group, we tackled four countries and worked with 11 unique partner organizations. From the early days of scavenger hunting around Xela to taking giant strides off the back of the dive boat in Roatán, it’s been quite a journey. We could… Read More

Scuba School and Night Diving in Roatan

By Talia After some wild travel days, we finally made it to Roatan, Honduras for a week full of diving in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. We spent the week diving with West End Divers, coincidentally located on the West End of Roatan. The West End, also known as gringo paradise, is flooded with restaurants, souvenir shops, dive spots and a perfect beach. The end goal of this week was to… Read More

Pura Patrolling

By Siobhan Herr We arrived at Playa Nombre de Jesus excited and antsy after our long travel day. With the ocean in mind, we quickly put on our bathing suits to swim in the turquoise water. Hanna, Maddie, Annie, and Paige found and explored a cave, while myself, Kaitlin, Juliette, and Talia worked on evening out some farmer’s tan lines. Each night we assisted the Kuemar staff in patrolling two… Read More

Casa de Tortugas

On Friday, we were given the opportunity to harvest, process, cook and eat farm fresh fruits — the most memorable of which was the jackfruit. After our field team harvested the fruit (which really consisted of catching a 20-pound spike ball that one of the farm workers, Levis, climbed a tree to drop on us), Siobhan spearheaded the processing, which consisted of tearing open the jackfruit and collecting the seeds… Read More