pitch black sandy beaches

4/20 2:00pm we caught our bus for a 4hr bus ride to San Jose to spend the night before our journey to the turtle project. San Jose was nice but we were all mostly pretty tired and took the night to relax, eat, and catch up on our e-mails, facebook, blogs, etc. before enjoying our first all ladies dorm room hehe sorry timo and nico! The next morning we woke… Read More

Swine Flu – Update from Carpe Diem HQ

The following is a post recently made to our FAQ page that we wanted to include to all of you who might be reading this blog. Swine flu has recently been confirmed throughout Mexico and parts of the US. A few other countries have also reported possible infections. While we’re in touch with the CDC and monitoring all of the international news we can put our hands on, we also… Read More
We just finished a week in complete and total paradise, in the form of the ecological resort-in-progress Parque Maderas. Last Sunday we left Leon at 9 am for the four hour drive to San Juan Del Sur, arriving at Parque Maderas in the heat of the early afternoon. However, we pretty much forgot about being hot once we discovered where we were. Parque Maderas is run by Tyler, who grew… Read More

Tim´s Second Edition

I really have no idea how I´m going to make this a satisfying report for all you out there, but I am certainly going to try…This week was our last in language school, and everyone is starting to feel a little awed by the rapidly approaching end date, coming to destroy all our fun. Well, maybe not all so melodramatic as that, but still, it´s a mighty odd feeling.School was… Read More

Freedom in Nicaragua

Hello to all our faithful blog-followers! CAM just wrapped up the first ever free travel in Nicaragua. After getting up at to leave Antigua at 4:30am, we arrived at the airport and were bumped onto an earlier direct flight to Managua. The plane was empty, but we all sat next to each other anyway because we don´t like being apart for very long. Upon arrival in Managua we were immediately… Read More

Spiritual Retreat?

Posting a bit late, but we just finished a week in the beautiful town of San Marcos. We finished the trek in what we thought was San Pedro, only to realize we were in Epcot. The perfectly colorfully painted houses, wooden benches and trash cans, cobblestone streets and cleaning crews were there and everything. But we made our way to the launch and arrived in San Marcos, a spiritual community… Read More

Xelawho? Xelawhat? Xelaprettyawesome.

Hola from Quetzaltenango (or Xela)!We were lucky enough to take private transport from Coban, as it is an 8 hour drive through mountainous terrain to Xela. Arriving Sunday evening, we were welcomed warmly at the language school Casa Xelaju, and driven (!?) to our individual homestays. The farthest homestay is a 15 minute walk. (I am the lucky one who gets to walk through le Parque Central many times a… Read More

Three Week Anniversary up in the Clouds

This past week was spent in Chicacnab, an indigenous community high up in the cloud forests of Guatemala. We went there through an organization called Proyecto Ecologico Quetzal, a program that helps to provide sustainable work and incomes for families in the community. Our day of departure from Coban dawned with lots of fog and rain, and to get to Chicacnab we had to take two chicken buses and then… Read More
Back in Coban with electricity, internet, and all other trappings of civilization. To catch up a bit, we´re recapping San Andres.Day one, we all started our homestays, and some hit off well, while the unlucky ones still got warm smiles and a greeting. Not much more happened after that, to my knowledge, and the day ended quietly.Day two was our first day in language school, which we all enjoyed. In… Read More

Sticks, Ducks, and Reggaeton

Hello from San Andres!I am proud to introduce to you all the ninth member of our group: Patito the duck (pato being the Spanish word for duck). To recap, after we left Finca Ixobel we were assigned to our first homestay families. We were warmly welcomed into the community, and to ease the transition we stayed with another group member. We also ate our meals together as a group, which… Read More

Here and having a blast!

Hello friend and family and welcome to our blog!It all began in the San Francisco airport. One by one we found our way to the TACA counter of the international terminal where Nick and Amanda (our incredible, fearless leaders) told us to meet. Once we’d all arrived we said goodbye to Ethan and a few parents who came for the send off, and made our way to the gate to… Read More

Hasta Luego!!!

It’s official! The Central America group is together, and Nick and Amanda have confirmed that all are accounted for! Sit down and hold on, because our next stop is Guatemala! From here on out, the group will be sending all of you love and updates from this blog site, so check back and follow them through their travels. (You might want to give them a good 24-36 hours, though. Long… Read More


Saludos amigos, The countdown is on, and we (Nick & Amanda) are brimming over with excitement for the upcoming adventure. The itinerary has been fine-tuned and is chalk full of opportunities to learn, serve and explore… with the eight of us experiencing all of this together, we will deepen into Central America in a way unique to any other method of travel. Over the next three months, a weekly update… Read More

A final Farewell

What an amazing trip it’s been! Our last week in Honduras was spent on white sandy beaches Scuba diving, and eating delicious Caribbean coastal food, while our friends and family at home were probably wishing for a little more sun. We have been to four countries, and had the chance to discover Central America, learn Spanish, and make friends that will last a lifetime. Thank each and every one of… Read More

San Jaun del Sur and Parque Madaras

Last week was amazing! We arrived in San Jaun del Sur last Sunday and made our way down a nonexistant road through a river to the beautiful Playa Madaras and Parque Madaras. Parque Madaras was absolutely amazing, whatever any of us had been expecting, this was not it! Our rooms all had ocean views and we were served the best food of our entire trip here. We each even had… Read More

One month left…

It´s November! We are in Granada in Nicaragua, on our last night here for Day of the Dead. In preparation they painted the cemetary with a fresh coat of white and there are traditional yellow flowers sold everywhere in the street. Granada is a beautiful, colonial-era city on Lake Nicaragua which we boated on Wednesday afternoon. It was a little stormy but we landed at an old fortress, and from… Read More
Hello everyone,I know it has been a while, we are just so busy, it is hard to make time to wirte on the blog. So let me catch everyone up on our latest travels. After leaving Xela, we spent a few days in the amazing city of Antigua. Im pretty sure everyone found something to love about the city, whether it be the subway(the sub shop), the local markets, or… Read More

Chicacnab and Xela

Hello to friends and family! Apologies for not getting a blog posted sooner, but I will try to catch you up as best I can on the past couple weeks! After leaving San Andres, the group headed for a small city called Coban. We stayed at an awesome hostel called Casa Luna for a night, and got to spend a bit of time exploring the city and checking out the… Read More

Week Two in San Andres

Hello, everyone!It is a warm Thursday afternoon, and we are all lounging at the internet cafe in Flores. The weather this week has been much cooler, so we have been enjoying the sun without sweltering in the humidity.Last Saturday, we took a weekend trip to Tikal. We piled into a van in the morning and headed off. Along the way, we stopped at the fantastic Maxi Bodega to pick up… Read More

day 14 In San Andres

We have left Poptun and moved to our second homestays in San Andres. The scenery has changed from dirt roads and rural housing, to near 90 degree paved streets and a lovely veiw of lake Peten Itza. Here is the follow up of our last remaining days in Poptun: Our ditch digging was put to a hault after a query between a few local residences, whose homes were being flooded… Read More