Poptun, Day 3

One week in and the whole Central America is having lots of fun, even with the seven hour van rides, blazing sun, pouring rain, giant tarantulas, and occaisionally dubious bathroom conditions. We spent the first few days holed up at the lovely Finca Ixobel, where we stayed in cabins and went caving, whitewater tubing, hiking, and horseback riding, as well as lounging by the pond and partying it up (sin… Read More

Notes from the Airport Lounge

Well, it’s official, they’re together and ready! The group leaders just gave me a call and they have their full group – yes, everyone is there! In about three hours they’ll be airborne and embarking on a journey of three-months and a thousand experiences. I’m sure over the next few months you’ll have photos of all kinds, calls of many emotions (and hopefully at least two languages!), and growth in… Read More

CAM Countdown!

Hola! Toya and Tod here, with the inaugural edition of CAM update. The day of departure is almost upon us, and we hope all of you are as excited as we are about our upcoming journey. We’re looking forward to meeting all of you in the Bay Area next week, so get your bags packed, your absentee ballots requested, and your domestic itineraries filed with Carpe Diem.Other than that, get… Read More